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Since I got an iPhone, I decided to get an Instagram!!!  Please follow me here!  I just posted my first picture. :)  Please follow, and I'll follow back!
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I Got an iPhone!!!


Guess what?!?!?!? I got an iPhone 5!!!!! This is my first phone, so I'm super excited!!!  I got it yesterday, and I love it!!! Yay!! I have been wanting one for a really long time, so I'm super happy. :)  Does anyone have suggestions for cases? I was looking at getting a personalized case with Kooper on it, but it's $40, which is pretty expensive.  I might still get it, though. :)  Thanks!

Have a great day, and don't forget to enter my photo contest here!

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I Sewed an AG Dress!!!!


Recently we got a sewing machine, and I was anxious to sew an outfit for my dolls.  My first project (which didn't turn out super great :) was a denim bag for the dolls.  I recently made a dress for my dolls, and I'm SUPER excited to show you!  I made it almost all by myself (my mom had to help me with a few things), and I think it turned out great!  I really love it!!!  Here it is:

What do you think?  If I opened up an Etsy shop to sell AG stuff (food, clothes, etc.), would you buy stuff?  Just curious. ;)

Have a great day!
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P.S. Don't forget to enter my photo contest here!


He's 5!

Hello Everyone!

Today is a very special day.  On this day, 5 years ago, my special puppy Kooper was born!!!!  He is the cutest, most special, lovable, and amazing dog I could have ever asked for!!!  He is my little boy, and I love him so much!  I can't believe he's 5!  He's growing up so fast. :') {Happy tears :)}

Happy Birthday, Kooper!!!

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Oh my gosh, guys.  You are amazing.  Do you know what happened tonight?  I opened my computer, and saw 75 (yes, 75!!!!!) followers!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 75 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I promised a big giveaway, and you will get one, but I want to finish out my photo contest first. :)  Thank you so much!!!!  You guys have helped me grow my blog so much, and I want to follow your blog, too!  In response to this post, please leave a comment with a link to your blog, and I would LOVE to come check it out.  Thank you so much, and have an awesome night!!!
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Spring Photo Contest! ***CLOSED***

Hey There!

I have a little something special for you!!! :)  A photo contest!  See below for how to enter, and prizes!!!

The theme is spring, so your photo must represent spring in some way. :P  To enter, take a photo representing spring, post it on your blog, and leave me a link.


1. The photo you enter MUST be taken by YOU.

2. You MUST follow this blog, It's My Life, PUBLICLY.

3. You MUST watermark your photo.

4. Your MUST display the contest button (found on the right sidebar) on your sidebar for the ENTIRE duration of the contest.

5. NO editing allowed.

6. You can only enter ONE photo.

7. You must leave the link to your post on THIS POST ONLY.  If it's not on THIS post, your entry will not count.

8. Contest ends May 11th.


First Prize

Gorgeous flower earrings!!!  These beautiful earrings were generously donated by Kendall from SmittenKittenKendall.  Thank you so much, Kendall!  Make sure to go check out SmittenKittenKendall here, and Smitten Kitten's website here!  Kendall has some fantastic jewelry!

Second Prize

Black and Wise Dust Plug and Cellphone Charm!  This ADORABLE dust plug/charm was generously donated by Juzzly and Pichiberii from TrinketsAndWhimsies.  Thank you so much, Juzzly and Pichiberii!  Please make sure to go check out TrinketsAndWhimsies here!  They have some AMAZING stuff! :)

That's right; there will be two winners!!!  Good luck, and I can't wait to see all of your gorgeous pictures!  Thanks for entering!
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Note: Both prizes will be shipped directly from the Etsy shop owners to the winners.


Guest Post from Hannah!


Today, Hannah is going to review a book for us!


I write posts mostly about Hobbits and Rings.  I also write book and movie reviews.  And just a lot of random posts about my everyday life!

I finished reading this book yesterday!  I have one word to describe it: AMAZING!!  It is absolutely brilliant!  J.R.R. Tolkien made no mistake when he wrote this book!
It was full of action and had quite a few battle scenes.  So, if you don't like reading about people getting stabbed or violence, then this is definitely not the book for you!
But, it did hold tales of friendship, loyalty, and courage.  For example, Frodo didn't exactly 'want' to take the ring to Mordor, but he knew he had to if Middle Earth was to ever be at peace again.  And even though there are hard times in the book when he just felt like giving up, he persevered and went on.
Sam held true to his promise that he wouldn't ever leave Frodo.  He stuck with him through the good times and the bad.
And Aragorn protected the little Hobbits from evil, when he could.
There's also the fact that Frodo, Gandalf, Boromir, and all were tempted to take the ring and put it on.  It shows that all are tempted in life.
My favorite characters are:
Frodo - He tries to be so brave.  Who couldn't like him?
Aragorn - I didn't like Strider at first, but soon came to love his character.  He is loyal and true to the Fellowship.
Merry and Pippin - They are quite a funny duo.  Pippin can be so careless at times and isn't too bright.  Where as Merry is smarter and has to sort of look out for him.
Samwise Gamgee - He too, is very loyal.  Especially to Frodo.  He tries his best to protect him all throughout the book and won't let Frodo go anywhere without him.  At the end of the book, when Frodo is leaving, Sam follows him (and risks his life doing so, because he can't swim and nearly drowned) and tells him that he made a promise to Gandalf, never to leave Frodo or let anything happen to him.
This is one of my favorite books and I can hardly wait to start the Two Towers!  I definitely recommend this book!
Have you read this book?  Any thoughts or comments on it?  Tell me in the comments below!


Thanks, Hannah!  That was a great review!  I haven't read any of The Lord of the Rings books yet, but they definitely sound intriguing!  Make sure to go check out and follow Hannah's blog, Living a Life 4 Christ, here!
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New Video!


Today, I did a spring photoshoot with Hailey!  She is SO photogenic, and she looks adorable!!!

Thanks for watching, and please make sure to check out our channel, FantasticalAGStudios, here!

Have a great day!
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Guest Post from Jessie!


Today, I am going to share a guest post that Jessie sent me!  Enjoy!


Hello everyone!  I'm Jessie!  I love writing, photography, art, and horses.  My blogs are herehere, and here.  On each one of them I post about different things, like AG, photography...etc.  Today, in this guest-post, I'll share some photography with a few tips.

Crop You don't always have to use the full can crop it to your favorite part, or where the focus is (or both)!

Be colorful and use natural lighting It's always good to add some color!  Also, most pictures come out best with natural lighting from the sun.  Make sure you have good lighting!

Shadows Shadows can be fun to play around with; be creative!

And, of course, remember to have fun! :)



Thanks, Jessie!  Those are some great tips!  Please make sure to go check out and follow Jessie's blogs herehere, and here!

Have a great day, and if you would like to send in a guest post, click here to visit the 'Contribute' page.
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Contribute to It's My Life!

Hey Everyone!

I have launched a new page where you can get all the info on contributing to It's My Life!  You can send me all kinds of posts; from American Girl photoshoots to short stories!  Click here to visit my new page.  Contributing to It's My Life is a great way to get the word out about your blog, and get new readers!  I can't wait to see your posts!
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I Won a Giveaway + The First Bike Ride of the Season!!!


Guess what?  I won Six Faraway Friends' giveaway!!!!  I'm so excited!!!

I won the AG bundle, which includes an AG Place doll sized bag, Saige New Mexico stickers, and AG leggings!
So exciting!!!  Thank you so much Six Faraway Friends!!!

Today we went on our first real bike ride of the season!  It was so much fun!  We rode around the neighborhood a bit last weekend, but that doesn't really count. :P  We rode about 17 miles, and it was a wonderful ride!  Have you been on your bike lately?

Have a great night!
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