10% Off at Elegant Basics!

Hi There!

Guess what?  AGMarket from Elegant Basics has a special treat for us today!  Elegant Basics is full of adorable AG clothes and outfits, and AGMarket has given me a code for 10% off your entire purchase to share with you!!!  She is closing her shoppe, and is looking for everything to be sold, so you can get fabulous prices (lots of things are on sale, too), and help her clear out her shop!  Just use the code below when placing your order for 10% off your entire purchase!


Make sure to check out Elegant Basics for all of the fabulous items, and take advantage of the amazing prices before they're gone!

Happy Shopping!
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P.S. Thank you SOOOOO much for 15,000+ pageviews!!!!!!  This is so amazing and exciting for me!!!



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