Guest Post from Lindsay of Stories By Me and Lindsay's Barbie World


Today we have a special guest post from my sister Lindsay of Stories By Me and Lindsay's Barbie World!  She is sharing an exclusive preview of her new story, The Wild Stallion.  Enjoy!



My name is Lindsay, and I am 10 years old.  I have a blog called Stories By Me and I'd love it if you would check it out!  Click Here to visit my blog.  I love to write stories, dance, sing, play with AGs (American Girls), SUP (Stand Up Paddle board), hike, bike, and play the piano.  I have two kittens, and two dogs, and one fish, and I love pets!

Today, I'm going to release a sneak peek of my new story.  It is exclusive, and will only be on Grace's blog.  If you're interested,  look out to see the first chapter up on my blog.

The Wild Stallion

"Wake uuuuup, wake uuuuup,"  said Johnny.

Heather slowly opened her eyes, and everything seemed blurry, but when everything came into focus someone was standing right over her looking at her face.  Startled, she screamed.

"Relax Heather, it's just me, Johnny."

"What are you doing in here?  Get out, get out,"  Heather demanded.

She immediately got out of bed, and started shoving her brother to the door.

"Whoa!  Dad just sent me in to tell you..."

But it was too late, Heather had already slammed the door behind him, and then quickly opened it a crack.

"Tell me what?" asked Heather.

"He's going to work, and you need to cook breakfast.  Oh, and don't forget to clean the stalls and give the pigs breakfast,"  Johnny told her in a rush.

Irritated, she quickly slammed the door (again) and heaved a sigh.

"Johnny, are you still there?" Heather asked after a moment.

"Not anymore,"  His voice faded as he scurried away.

"Ugh, little brothers!"  Heather grunted.  

What do you think so far?  I hope you guys liked it.  Thanks for letting me guest post Grace!


Thank you so much, Lindsay!  I can't wait to read the whole story!  Make sure to go follow Lindsay's blogs Stories By Me and Lindsay's Barbie World!

If you would like to be featured on It's My Life like Lindsay, please send in a guest post and/or an interview!

Have a great day!
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