I want my wonderful followers to contribute to It's My Life!  I also want to help you get the word out about your blog!  A great way to do that is to send me a guest post! It's My Life has grown so much, and I want to help you grow your blog!  Even if you don't have a blog, a post from any of you wonderful followers would be fantastic!

Here are some ideas of what kind of posts to send me:

~Book Reviews~
~Short Stories~
~Doll Photostories~
~Doll Photoshoots~
~Doll Crafts~
~Doll Hair/Style~
~Randomness :)~
~Or anything else you can think of!~

How to send in your post:

1. Send me an email at
with your guest post.

2. Include a little bit about you and your blog.  One paragraph should be perfect!

I do have a couple conditions:

1. The post that you send in must be written by YOU.  All content in your post must be 100% yours.

2. I have the right to edit your posts.  Or, not post the post at all.  (It is very unlikely that I wouldn't post your post, because I know all of you are full of wonderful ideas :)

I can't wait to receive your wonderful posts!


  1. HI! I'll be writing a book review soon! Mind if I send it in?



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