Audrey and Elizabeth; my American Girl Dolls!  I mentioned in my first post that I like AG's, and I want to introduce them.  I will be incorporating AG "photo stories" into my blog.  Here are their pictures and bios:

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth Cole, and I am 10 years old.  I have one sister named Audrey, who is my best friend, and a fluffy white dog named Coconut.  I am a ballet dancer, and I love it!  I also love to kayak on lakes and streams, and I like to bake.  I make cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and all kinds of stuff, but my most favorite thing to do of all is to play with my sister, Audrey!  She is the best sister in the entire universe!!!!!  I love to go adventure outside with Audrey, but I won't tell you much about that, because she wanted to tell you instead.  So, that's me!

Hi!  My name is Audrey Cole, and I am 9 years old.  I have one dog that I share with my sister, Elizabeth, named Coconut!  I love her so much!  I am a runner.  I like to run half marathons, and I am working up to a FULL marathon!  Sometimes I can even get Elizabeth to run with me, but not very often, because she says it's bad for dancers to run.  Whatever.  Another thing I like to do is explore outside with Elizabeth, my absolute best friend in the entire world!!!!!  Sometimes we find pretty wild flowers, and sometimes, we just like to lay down and look up into the trees.  We have the best times together.  Well, that's about all there is to tell for now.  Bye!
Here are the two sisters!



This Weekend

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  On Saturday, my dad and I groomed Kooper; it took several hours (we do it ourselves), but it turned out well.  We then gave him a bath (he hates water, so therefore, he hates baths:) and then we gave Kaptain a bath.  Kaptain, on the other hand, loves water.  Which would be good, except when we wash him, he tries to eat the water.  He is such a dork!

After that, we got in the pool.  We had a lot of fun, and the pool was really warm, so it was great!  We ended the day with burgers, some ice cream, and a movie.

On Sunday, Lindsay and I were playing Barbies and decided that the Barbies wanted to go swimming too.  We made a little pool for them, and it was a lot of fun.

We noticed while we were in the backyard that there was still a diving toy in the pool from the day before, so Lindsay got to swim a little bit.  I was about to leave to go shopping, so I just took pictures.  I had a ton of fun just being able to snap away with my mom's awesome camera!

My mom and I went shopping, and we found some good stuff; not a lot, but enough.  I'm having a really hard time finding clothes right now because I don't fit into the juniors department stuff yet, and I really don't like most of the stuff in the girls' department.  We were gone for almost 7 hours (which was waaaaay too long).  Just shopping.  We didn't have lunch, or even stop to go to the bathroom!  It was a long day.

We had a nice weekend overall, and I'm glad for that.

Here are some pictures:

The Barbie pool.
 Lindsay did this crazy hair style on this Barbie, and I thought it was really cute.
Kooper relaxing.
Kaptain getting his bath.
Big shake!
You can tell how much Kooper loves this :)

Lindsay swimming underwater... I think this picture is really cool!
Lindsay thought this was a great photo idea, and she made sure I would put it on my blog.
Pretty water!
82 degree water in the shade is a little chilly!
Bundled in the towel!
I love, love, love this picture of Kooper
I think this is really cute.  Lindsay is reading the "Mother-Daughter Book Club" series right now, and she loves it!
Rock-climbing dog!

After such a beautiful weekend, we now have rain today.
:( Bummer!

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