Happy New Years Eve + A Survey


Happy New Years Eve!  How do you like my New Years design?  I think it's pretty cool. :P  Can you believe today is the LAST DAY of 2012????  This year has been a really great one.  Here are a few of my blogging highlights:

I started a blog.  Yay!!!  I have made so many new friends through blogging, and I'm really enjoying it!

Lindsay and I started a YouTube Channel!  Check it out here.

I hosted my first giveaway!

I learned how to use PicMonkey!

I did my first Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I entered my first photo contest!

And that is just to name a few things...  We have had a year full of many ups and downs, but we've loved (almost) every second of it! ;o)

Do you have any special traditions for New Years Eve?  We always have a (super delicious) fondue dinner!  It is a very special (and yummy) tradition started by my parents.  After dinner, we stay up and watch the ball drop!  And then we go outside and yell 'Happy New Year' to the world!  It's a lot of fun!  This year, we also get to have a very special friend over to share our special dinner with us.  We are going to have a lot of fun tonight!

On The Spicys the other day, they had a survey called "Help Shape The Spicys in 2013."  I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to have my own survey!  I am going to use some of the questions that The Spicys used, but also add my own.  Please participate in the survey!  Here it is:

Thank you so much for participating!

Have a great day and a Happy New Years Eve!



It's All About Color!


Storyteller is having an awesome photo contest!!!!  It is all about color, and you are allowed to edit your photo.  Click here to enter!

Here is my entry:



What do you think?



Christmas Day!


Thank you so much to my 2 new friends, Wendy and Janna-Mandy!

I hope you've had a great couple days.  I have been skiing, and I am really, really loving it, and I actually got to go on some more advanced runs yesterday!

Ok, onto Christmas!  We had a very relaxing, beautiful day!  We actually had a white Christmas, and on the day after Christmas, it snowed like CRAZY!!!  We got 2 feet!  We had a very nice morning, opened gifts and cards, and had our traditional DELICIOUS cinnamon roll breakfast!  Yum!  We hung out the rest of the day, played with our new AG stuff, and started making a video for our YouTube Channel.  We had an amazing dinner of Ham, Green Bean Casserole, Cheesy Potatoes, Pineapple, and Cranberry Sauce.  It was super delicious!!!!!  We ended the day with the classic movie "White Christmas."  It was a wonderful movie, and we all enjoyed it very much.

I realized that I never posted a picture of our tree!  Here it is:

Here is what I got for Christmas:

Of course, my favorite gifts of all!  Jack...

...and Maggie!

Here's the story: Daydream Doll Boutique was having their Holiday Giveaway for my dream doll, Hailey.  I love her short curly hair, and I had wanted her for over a year.  Lindsay's doll, McKenna (check her blog out here) won!!!!!  As a Christmas present, she gave Hailey to me!!!  I love Hailey, and she is a beautiful doll!

The Reindeer PJ's!  I have really, really wanted these, so I was super, duper excited.  They are so cute, and I love the little thumbprint design!

The Sweat Treats PJ's!  I have also really wanted these, and they are ADORABLE!!!  Now Audrey has some pj's!
The Sporty Sandals!  These have been on my list for a few years now, and I was so excited to receive them!  They are SUPER realistic, and look exactly like Keen shoes.  I love them!

The Raspberry Hoodie!  Lindsay and I each got one in our stockings, and they look super stylish on the girls!

Our Generation Home Accessory - Kitchen Baking Set
The Our Generation Home Accessory - Kitchen Baking Set!  I love this set!  Elizabeth now has some really cool baking tools!

Review of the AG items coming soon!

I hope you had a very wonderful Christmas, and that you are having a great day today!



Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday ~ 5


Here are some of my favorite pins from the week:

Grumpy cat is so funny!!!!


diy bow bookmark
DIY Bow Bookmarks.

DIY Paper Snowflake Ballerinas - By The Crafty Crow
Ballerina Paper Snowflakes!

oreo and peanut butter brownies
Chocolate Oreo Peanut Butter Brownies!!!!  YUMMY!!!!

Thin Mint Truffles!
Thin Mint Truffles!

Use straws dipped in nail polish to create this effect.
Dip straw in nail polish and apply to your nail!  So cool!

Clear coat, dip it in glitter and BAM! Great idea!
How to glitter your nails... perfectly!


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!

Christmas morning breakfast
 So cute!


And this one!!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and that you are having a nice relaxing day today.  We WERE going to go skiing today, but we can't get out of our driveway, because there is 2 FEET OF SNOW ON IT (and counting)!!!!!  Have a great day!


P.S. Christmas post coming soon!


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!!!!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day/night with your families, and that you are remembering the true meaning of Christmas!  Have a beautiful night!



Skiing + TONS OF SNOW!!!!


We have TONS of SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!  It is SO AWESOME!!!!!!  We have almost 2 feet!  I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!  It was pretty blizzardy earlier today, but it is lighter right now. :P

Now that we have a ton of snow, skiing is going to be great!  I am learning how to ski this year (I went twice last year, but that doesn't really count, because they were about 3 months apart and I didn't progress much).  It is soooooooo much fun!  I love it!  I was able to ski twice this past week.  I started out on the baby hill, and then went to the bigger bunny hill.  On Wednesday, I got in about 2 1/2 hours, and then danced for 3 hours after that.  Thursday, I skied for 3 hours, and then danced for 1 1/2 hours.  Needless to say, I was tired, but it was so much fun and well worth the extra tiredness.

I am now ready to take the lift further up the mountain and ski some runs the next time we go.  I have gotten turns down pretty well, and I can't wait to get on a more exciting hill. ;o)  I love being out in the snow skiing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the resort's terrain.  It will be so beautiful.  I love going down the hill, and feeling in control!  Now that I can control my speed, and stop quickly, I can go faster, which is SUPER FUN!!!!!  Skiing has been a total blast so far, and I can't wait to go again!

I hope that you are all having fun skiing, or doing other winter sports, or just enjoying the beauty of God's creation!  Have a great night!



Happy Winter + THE WORLD DIDN'T END!!!!!!!


WE ARE ALL STILL HERE!!!!!  THE WORLD DIDN'T END!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!  Did anyone think that was ACTUALLY going to happen?  Not moi; at least not because of a Mayan Calendar.

Anyway, Happy Winter!  It is FINALLY officially winter!  It sure felt like it today!  It has been snowing, and is supposed to keep on going till Christmas!

Do you like my Christmas blog design?  I think it's really cute!

We have our tree up and decorated, our nativity scene set up, and it feels very Christmasy in here.  We are also doing our Advent calendar to hear the true story and meaning of Christmas, which we really enjoy.  It's not about candy and gifts - it's about JESUS!  Are you doing an Advent calendar?

Speaking of Christmas... Can you believe it's only 4 days away?  I sure can't.  I mean... where has this year gone?  It has been a fantastical year, full of many ups, downs, and wonderful things.  I can't believe it is almost gone already.  It seems like every year just gets shorter.  Farewell, 2012.  But, there's only one thing you can do, right?

2013, here I come!!!!!!

Haha!  But seriously.

I hope you are all having a wonderful First-Day-of-Winter-the-World-Didn't-End-Day!!!


P.S.  Thanks so much to my new friend, Rachel!


Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday ~ 4


Here are some of my favorite pins from the week:

So. Cute.


So cute!!!
This is ADORABLE!!

DIY play kitchen ~ Cute!
How cool!

Awesome Plastic Spoon Chandelier ~ So Cool!
Very creative!

Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake
Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake.  YUM!

caramel apple
This is such a great idea!

Igloo snow cake
Igloo cake!

Gorgeous nails!

Christmas nails.
I love the little Grinch hats!


Hair Bun bow
A hairbow!

Outdoor Furniture ~ so cool!
Outdoor furniture!

That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE this dress!!!!!  Very Christmasy!

I hope you have found lots of fun stuff pinning, also!

Have a great day!



Jack and Maggie


If you haven't read my last post, this is a "part 2" to that; so you may want to start with yesterday's post. :o)  A little recap if you don't want to read yesterday's post:  We adopted two kittens from a rescue!  My mom and sister drove over 400 miles yesterday to go pick them up.  They are about 6 months old, sweet as can be, and super adorable.  We feel so blessed to have found them.

So...... their names are........ drumroll please.......... Jack and Maggie!!!!!  Isn't that adorable?!?!?!?!  We named them after my great, great grandparents because they were very special people, and they exposed us to our favorite place in the world!  We also think that the names fit the cats quite well, because they are spunky and sweet, and so are their names!

They are rambunctious little cuties, and they love playing with us and each other!  They look like little twinsies.  At first (before we got to know them), it was really hard to tell them apart!  Now, we can, but we still got them little collars with bells on them!  Jack has a blue one, and Maggie has a pink one.  It was really funny, because they could hear the bells and were trying to figure out where the sound was coming from (not realizing it was from them)!  After a few minutes, they were just fine, and have no worries or concerns about a collar or the bell jingling.

They are very sweet and adaptable cats.  When they got home, they got out of the kennel immediately, and acted like they had known us forever.  We love them SO much!

They are in the bathroom right now, and will be for the next few days, so that they continue to get used to their litter box and new family and home, a little at a time.  We are introducing them to the dogs today.  We have a gate at the door, and the door is open, so the cats and dogs can see and smell each other, with the safety and security of a little see through barrier between them.  Jack actually tried to jump over the gate!!!!!  We were very surprised that he was that bold!  We don't want them to come out yet, so we had him get down.  Ok, I'm sure you want to see some pictures!

Aren't they ADORABLE?!?!?!?!  We love them soooooo much! {Jack on the left, Maggie on the right}

Meet Jack!  He is so cute!  We love him so much, and he is such a sweetie!  He loves to be pet, played with, and held!  You can see his little blue collar in this picture.

Meet Maggie!  She is adorable!  She is the more rambunctious one so far, and loves to play!  We love her so much!  You can see her pink little collar in this picture.

Playing with their feather toy.  They are best friends, and LOVE to play together!  {Jack above, Maggie below}

Attacking the feather toy!  {Jack above, Maggie below}

They love to hang out on this bench, and they have a little blanket and bed underneath it.  {Maggie on the left, Jack on the right}

Jack and Maggie.  We love them so much, and they seem like the perfect kittens!

Have a fantastical day!

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