Skiing + TONS OF SNOW!!!!


We have TONS of SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!  It is SO AWESOME!!!!!!  We have almost 2 feet!  I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!  It was pretty blizzardy earlier today, but it is lighter right now. :P

Now that we have a ton of snow, skiing is going to be great!  I am learning how to ski this year (I went twice last year, but that doesn't really count, because they were about 3 months apart and I didn't progress much).  It is soooooooo much fun!  I love it!  I was able to ski twice this past week.  I started out on the baby hill, and then went to the bigger bunny hill.  On Wednesday, I got in about 2 1/2 hours, and then danced for 3 hours after that.  Thursday, I skied for 3 hours, and then danced for 1 1/2 hours.  Needless to say, I was tired, but it was so much fun and well worth the extra tiredness.

I am now ready to take the lift further up the mountain and ski some runs the next time we go.  I have gotten turns down pretty well, and I can't wait to get on a more exciting hill. ;o)  I love being out in the snow skiing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the resort's terrain.  It will be so beautiful.  I love going down the hill, and feeling in control!  Now that I can control my speed, and stop quickly, I can go faster, which is SUPER FUN!!!!!  Skiing has been a total blast so far, and I can't wait to go again!

I hope that you are all having fun skiing, or doing other winter sports, or just enjoying the beauty of God's creation!  Have a great night!



  1. skiing is so fun! I started skiing when I was only 5 and I still ski! It may be frustrating at first, but if first you don't sucseed (sorry I spelt that wrong!), try, try, again!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey, i'm in Italy at the moments for skiing because we don't get enough in England. I love skiing, i've been going since I was 4 and I love it. Today is the first day but we hope to do lots more throughout the week. Good luck with you skiing, hope it goes well. I have post about where i'm skiing and i'm going to post more pics probably on Christmas day. I'd love to see pics of where you are skiing.

    Olivia xx



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