Thanksgiving Break!


So, I haven't posted about Thanksgiving break yet, and I thought I'd fill you in before Christmas is even CLOSER (I can't believe it's already the 8th!!!!), and there are other holiday things going on. :o)

We started out the week by going ice skating.  We didn't get any shots of us actually skating, but this is my dad and I by one of the (SUPER WARM) fires after skating.

The rink after they closed.  They were getting ready to run the Zamboni right as this photo was taken.

We had some rain, and we were blessed with several beautiful rainbows over the lake.

This year, my dad and I made an apple pie.  It is my uncle's special recipe.

The turkey: Before.

After.  It was cooked perfectly, and tasted DELICIOUS!!!!

Our feast.

Our pretty table.  We always use plants to decorate our table.  We used pine branches and mini pumpkins we bought from the store.  We also had gravy, cranberry sauce, and a relish dish.

Me hanging out with my sweetie!

Kooper has a new bed!  Ever since he pulled a muscle on a hike last month, he's been sleeping on the bean bags.  We brought them out for him, because he couldn't jump up on the couch or our beds.  He now loves it, and we plan to make a cover for it so it matches with our decor better. :P  He is actually using the blue one with his special blanket on top now (he doesn't like the vinyl - he's so funny!), because it is more manly! :P

My mom's birthday was during Thanksgiving break, and we made her a special breakfast of Eggs Benedict.  We had a really nice, relaxing day.

 I made this cake for her.  It is lemon cake with lemon frosting.  It was very yummy!

I hope that you and your family had a very nice Thanksgiving break also, and that you are enjoying preparing for Christmas.  We just got our tree up tonight (it is artificial), and we are going to decorate it tomorrow along with our house.  Have a great weekend!




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