Some *Extremely* Exciting News!


So, we have some *extremely* exciting news!!!!!  But first, a back story.....

We had an AMAZING kitty named Sampson (we called him Sammer).  He was super, super social, and loved absolutely everyone.  He was the best cat we could have ever asked for.  Last August, at the young age of 8, we lost him to a blood clot after he experienced two seizures earlier in the year.  We woke up one morning, and we found him in the bathroom with his back legs paralyzed.  He had a blood clot that was cutting off the blood circulation to his body and the paralysis was just a symptom of that.  There was nothing the vet could do to save him, so had to put him down.  It makes us all super sad just thinking about it.  He was such a sweet, young cat, and we loved him so much.

Now, onto the super duper exciting news!!!!!!  We are getting two kitties!!!!!  We are rescuing two 6 month year old Ragdoll mixes from a rescue about 4 hours away.  My mom and sister are actually driving right now, and my dad and I are preparing for the kittens.  They are an early Christmas present. Isn't this exciting?!?!?!?!?  We are sooooooo happy!  We haven't chosen names yet, because we want to meet them first.  We have several ideas, though!  I will post pictures tomorrow.  I can't wait to meet them!!!!!

~A Very Excited Grace

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  1. Aww. I'm sorry about your old cat :( But that is an awesome Christmas present!Your so lucky! I wish I could have a cat but my mom is allergic :(

  2. Sorry aboout your old cat:( That is SOOO awesome that you are getting new kitties! How great! I cant wait to see some pictures!!!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet thoughts! Kitten pictures will be up later today!!!



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