AG Christmas!


On Sunday evening, Audrey, Elizabeth, Kate, McKenna, and Fern set up their Christmas tree, stockings, and decorations.  We also set up a really fun little scene.  I made a few collages because I have so many pics!

These are all of their ornaments and their tree-topper.  Aren't they pretty?

{From L to R, Top to Bottom} Tree topper (one of our ornaments my mom made), blown-glass angel, snowflake made by Lindsay, a Wreath (given to my mom by one of her preschool students years ago), stocking from Wal-Mart ($2 for 6), Teddy Bear from Wal-Mart ($2 for 4), "Granddaughter" ornament from my grandpa, Care Bear (Love-A-Lot), Ballet Shoes from the "Nutcracker," and a Snowman from Michael's! :P

Elizabeth has been very busy baking Christmas treats!  The pictures on the far right are of the gingerbreads.  My mom and I found them in the $1 rack at Michael's.  They were originally push-pins, but we cut the metal part off, and filed it down so it wasn't sharp.  They are really cute, and great AG treats!

Their tree.  Isn't it cute?  We got it from Wal-Mart for $20, and we love it!  I thought it would be really cute for them to have a garland, and so did Lindsay.  We just used left-over wrapping beads.  Audrey is putting an ornament on the tree.  In the top right corner, you can see the whole scene.

McKenna and Kate are hanging the stockings!  I thought it would be cute to hang them from the ceiling, and Lindsay came up with the brilliant idea to hang them all off one string.  I put the two pictures at the bottom up to show how we hung them.  SCOTCH TAPE DOES NOT WORK!!!!  Only painters tape.  It still fell down, but it stayed up for a week instead of a few minutes.  Oh well, we just have to keep fixing it.

Fern's job was to place the snowmen.  The snowmen are actually ornaments.  We will probably end up cutting the strings off.

The pets!  They were all getting in on the action.  Kooper was decorating with Fern, Toasty was helping Audrey with the ornaments, Coconut was baking with Elizabeth, and Chocolate Chip seemed determined to knock Kate off the couch!

I hope you enjoyed all of my pictures!

Have you and your dolls decorated yet?

Have a great night!


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  1. I love the pictures! You have such a great blog! :)



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