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Today I was trying to figure out what my dolls were going to get from Santa (me).  I then had a fantastical idea!!!!  A MacBook and iPad!!  I made them using paper and craft foam.  I also ended up making an iPhone.  Here are some pics:

{Click to Enlarge}
I made a collage on PicMonkey since there are so many pictures.  
{From Left to Right, Top to Bottom}
Front of iPhone, Back of iPhone, Side of iPhone, Audrey holding iPad, MacBook, Audrey holding iPhone, Back of iPad, Front of iPad, Side of MacBook, MacBook keyboard

I couldn't fit this picture in the collage, but I wanted to show you what the lid of the MacBook looked like.

I had so much fun making these items!

iPad and iPhone:

1. Find a picture of the iPad/iPhone off the internet and print it out.  I used these pictures:

2. Cut out front and back of iPad/iPhone.  Trace both the front and the back of iPad/iPhone onto separate pieces of white craft foam and glue paper to the craft foam.  (I used scrapbook adhesive, but it is not sticking real well, so I think I will re-glue it with either Elmer's School Glue or a glue stick.)

3. Using hot glue, glue the two pieces together; blank sides facing each other.

4. Draw little 'buttons' on the side with permanent marker.

5. Give to your doll, and enjoy!


1. Find a picture of the MacBook keyboard off the internet and print it out.  I used this picture:

2. Take a screenshot of your computer on a page you like, and print it out.  (I used the American Girl Website's 'Play' page.)

3.  Cut the keyboard out, and cut the screenshot to the same size.  Measure on white craft foam, lining the paper up vertically, giving a border on each photo, and a little extra room in the center.

4. Cut the craft foam out and glue the paper to the foam.  (I used scrapbook adhesive, but it is not sticking real well, so I think I will re-glue it with either Elmer's School Glue or a glue stick.)

5. Put an Apple sticker on the lid of the computer.  (If you don't have one that has come with an Apple product you've bought, you can probably find something on the internet.)

6. Draw the ports on the side of the computer with a permanent marker.  (If you have a MacBook like me, you can just copy it off there.  If not, you can find a picture on the internet.)

7. Give to your doll, and enjoy!

For the MacBook, I haven't figured out how to keep the lid propped up.  I put it under some books for a few hours, but within a few minutes of having it out, it just opened up and flattened out again.  I put a few dots of hot glue in the crease, and that helped a little.

I hope that I have given you some ideas for your dolls!

Have a great night!



  1. Awesome! I'm totally going to try it! :D

  2. I found your youtube Channel! I'm AGInParadise on youtube. :)

    1. I'll make sure to check your channel out!

  3. Hi Grace! Do you remember me from my American Girl Doll Blog, Nicki the American Girl? Well, I started a new blog, and I was wondering if you could check it out:) Also, would you like to do a blog button swap? Thanks!

    1. Hi!

      I do remember your AG blog! I checked out your new blog, and I love it! I followed you, and put your button on my blog. My button is right under my followers. Thanks!




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