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Disclaimer: This post contains a review
of an American Girl Doll outfit provided
by One Girl's Dream.  All opinions are 
my own.

The lovely Mary Ann from One Girl's Dream has generously sponsored me with an adorable American Girl outfit for me to review!!!  Audrey is a lovely model for it. :)

Isn't it lovely?

 Audrey loves it!

 And she looks so adorable in it!




Isn't this outfit gorgeous?!?!?!  I think Audrey looks fantastic in it!

This outfit is fantastic quality, AND it comes with shoes and a necklace!!!  Pretty cool, right?  The denim vest comes off (forgot to take a picture of that... oops), which makes it a very versatile outfit; you can have a pretty dress, a vest with it, or the vest with a different outfit!

The dress has a very lovely floral print, and the vest is lined with the same fabric as the dress.  The dress has a tank top-style neckline, and looks adorable on the doll.  This outfit is definitely a new summer staple for my girls!  The vest is a bit hard to get on and off because you have to re-string the twine in the front every time.

The shoes are WAY too cute, and are so realistic!  They even have a buckle on the sides!!!  The necklace is a gorgeous pearl choker, and goes super well with this outfit!!

Great quality.
Versatile outfit.
Comes with shoes and necklace.
Beautiful fabric.
Adorable shoes.
Pretty necklace.
Easy on/off of dress.
Great velcro closure.

Difficult on/off of vest.

Even with the difficult on/off of the vest, I would still give this a 5 out of 5 stars!!!  It is just way too cute, and super versatile!!!  I LOVE it!  One Girl's Dream is an amazing shop, and if you're looking for a cute outfit for your doll, then One Girl's Dream is the place to go!  There are so many cute outfits that both you and your doll will love so much, you'll be jealous that you can't get it in your size!!!

Thanks so much, Mary Ann!  My dolls and I are in love with this outfit, and we love your shop One Girl's Dream!

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