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of a nail polish provided by LynBDesigns
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Today I have the opportunity to review some gorgeous nail polish from Jenna of LynBDesigns!  She sent me the gorgeous color Oobleck from the Many Colors of Suess Collection.

Isn't the color GORGEOUS?!?!?!

I absolutely love it!!!

And the name is just too cute!! 


This nail polish is fantastic.  The consistency is perfect; not runny and not sticky.  It paints on extremely easily, and doesn't make a mess like some polishes can.  After it is removed, it doesn't stay in the cracks of your nails (so nice!!!).  I hate it when you have the color of your last polish stuck on your nails for a long time.  Such a pain.  This one does not do that, and it comes off very nicely.  I really have nothing bad to say about this polish.  It is ideal in all aspects!!!  The consistency is perfect, the color is great, I love the glitter in it that makes it sparkly, it comes off nicely.... I mean, what more could you ask for?!?!?!

Perfect consistency.
Paints on nicely.
Gorgeous color.
Sparkly glitter inside.
Comes off easily.
Doesn't stay in the cracks of your nails.


This nail polish is fantastic, and if you are looking for good quality, creative polish, LynBDesigns is the place to go!!!  Jenna has all sorts of different collections with fabulous colors!!!

Make sure to place your order today, because Jenna has a 35% off code ending today.  Hurry!  Here's the code: SHERLOCK

Also, make sure to check out Jenna's blog here!

Thank you so much, Jenna!!!
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