Patriotic Dolly!

Disclaimer: This post contains a review
of an American Girl Doll outfit provided
opinions are my own.

The lovely Sandra from 123 Mulberry Street has sent us an adorable patriotic outfit to review!

Isn't it adorable?!?!

 Way too cute!!!

 And patriotic!

 Hailey looks so cute in it!

 And white shorts have such a fantastic mix and match potential!  New summer staple!

I love the sweater, too. :) 


I love the little pockets. :)

This outfit is way too cute, and it's so patriotic!  It matches with my Sea Breeze Romper shoes perfectly.  This is such a fantastic 4th of July outfit. :)

The quality is fantastic, and it all fits perfectly on the doll.   The sweater is super stretchy and very easy to get on the doll.  The white shorts have an elastic waist band, and extremely realistic pockets. :)  Both items can just be pulled right on in no time!

The wide scoop neck is also very pretty, and really flatters the dolls with their wide shoulders. :)  Necklines are tricky with AG's, but Sandra hit a home run with this one!

I love that there is such great mix and match potential!  This sweater totally works with denim shorts and jeans, and you have no idea how excited I am to have white shorts for my dolls!!!  Yay!!!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Sandra for sending us this outfit; we love it!!!  Make sure to check out 123 Mulberry Street for all of your dolly fashions!  She has fantastic looks!

Thanks for reading!
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