Interview from Chloe of Our AG Adventures


First off, I want to say thank you to all of you who have been sending in interviews!  I have been getting so many interviews!!!  It has really helped me, because right now my life is pretty crazy, and I haven't had a ton of time to post, so this is really great for me. :)  Thanks. :)

Second, I HAVE 93 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!  I can't believe I'm only 7 away from 100.  This. Is. Amazing.  Thank you.

Now, without further ado, we will be interviewing Chloe from Our AG Adventures!

1. What is your name (or Blogger name) and age (if you don't want to say your age, that is just fine :)? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Chloe, but most refer to me & my dolls as Our AG Adventures.  I am simply just a girl who likes dolls with a camera and a blogger account.

2. What are your blogs about, and why did you start blogging?

My doll's blog is Our AG Adventures, which is pretty much life in their point of view!  We sometimes do crafts, but it's pretty much random! :) 

I started blogging over a year ago for my brother.  I wanted to be a part of the AG Blogging Community like many other bloggers I saw, so I created a website the day before Easter.  About a week later, I moved my blog from Wordpress to Blogger!

3. What are your hobbies?

Blogging, photography, surfing, making pancakes, and creating stopmotions! 

4. If you are a doll lover, how many dolls do you have, and which ones? If you are not a doll lover, how often do you go to the library?

I am 110% a doll lover! :)  I have a total of 8 dolls, all American Girl.  I have JLY #19 Caroline, Mia GOTY 2008, Lanie GOTY 2010, Kanani GOTY 2011, Molly Historical, Abagaile MAG #37, Lindsey GOTY 2001, and Saige GOTY 2013.

5. What is your favorite book (or book series)?

The Hunger Games! :D

6. What is your favorite movie?

That's hard! But I really like Star Trek: Into Darkness, Auntie Mame, The Avengers, and My Fair Lady!

7. Do you prefer to watch the movie before reading the book, or do you prefer to read the book before watching the movie?

Movie before book! ;) 

8. What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

Mint Chocolate Chip! :D

9. What is your most favorite place that you've ever been to?

I was lucky enough to go to The American Girl Store in Houston for the grand opening, and that is probably my favorite memory, and favorite place to go to! 

10. What do you like best about my blog?

The design!  I love the colors you chose!

11. What would you do to improve my blog?

Nothing!  Your blog is perfect! 

12. What are your top 5 favorite blogs?

(in no order)

My American Girl's Story
Adollable Dolls
The Salty's Doll Blog
My Dolls and Me: An American Girl Doll Blog
The Adventures of Steampunk Addy
It's My Life

13. Would you be interested in guest posting on my blog?

Yes! That would be super cool! :) 

Thanks for doing this interview! I had loads of fun!

Thank you, Chloe!  That was a lovely interview. :)  Make sure to go check out and follow Chloe's blog Our AG Adventures

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    1. We all love your blog, AGMarket! :)

  2. Hi Grace! I've really loved reading these interviews! I love how one of Chloe's hobbies is making pancakes!! :D Love, Claire

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed the interviews! :) I know, I loved that hobby, too. :)



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