Memorial Day

Hi!  I hope you had a really nice Memorial Day.  I'm very thankful to all of the Veterans out there who have served our country and protected our freedoms.

Yesterday, we had an "air show" on Lake Tahoe.  There is a tradition in Tahoe where every Memorial Day pilots of sea planes bring out their planes and fly around the lake as a tribute to a famous pilot.

My family and I went to a local BBQ at a marina, and all of the sea planes came and parked there so that people could check them out.  It was really awesome!!  We got to talk to the owner/pilot of this really cool plane that the man had restored.  It was decorated like a Navy plane, and the owner said that it was a tribute to the Sea Bees.  We're not sure if it was an old Navy plane or not, because he was getting ready to leave and couldn't talk long.  There was one really big plane that was really neat, and it had 3 rows of seats.  Almost all of the others only had 1 row with 2 seats.  The experience of seeing the planes up close, watching them take off, and land was extremely cool, and I was so glad to be able to be there.

Here are some pictures:

 This is the tribute to the Sea Bees
 This one has 3 rows of seats!
 This one is a very low profile belly-lander with only 2 seats
I like this one's colors a lot!

I hope you had a happy and safe Memorial Day!


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