A Triple Sleepover!


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I haven't posted for so long!!  I am so sorry, my lovely followers!

  On Friday, Lindsay's friend J (I won't be saying her name for her privacy) and her family came up for the three-day-weekend (Happy MLK Day!!) for vacation.  We went skiing with them all day Friday.  J and her little brother had never been skiing before, so it was fun to watch them learn.  I got to help J with some basic skiing stuff, and my dad helped her a lot with turning.

J had decided that she wanted to go to dance with Lindsay, so I went into town with them to get some stuff from the grocery store.  Lindsay had made some special dessert requests, so I needed some ingredients!  When I got home, I set up a fort for them to sleep in (per Lindsay's request), and started working on the popcorn ball mixture for them.  By the time the girls got home from dance, the mixture was ready, and they rolled up the balls.  They turned out great, and were quite delicious!  Lindsay and J enjoyed playing Barbies, watching movies, hanging out, and getting dressed up all weekend!

Pillow fight! (You can see the fort behind them)

On Saturday, I made a special cinnamon roll hearts breakfast for them.  I got the idea from Pinterest.  I also made them special mini sundaes.  It was a lot of fun!

Cinnamon heart buns
The inspiration.

Our cinnamon rolls!

The popcorn balls.  Pretty cool, right?

They turned out really well, and I was super happy with them!  J was only suppose to stay one night, but of course the girls never wanted to separate!  J ended up being able to stay for three nights!  She went home around noon on Monday.

I had started getting a sore throat on Sunday, and by Monday morning, I did NOT feel good.  Ick.  Unfortunately, we had to drive 2 hours to go to my orthodontist appointment, and then meet with our Educational Supervisor from our charter school.  I really didn't want to go, but I had to.  It was a tiring but productive day.  When we went to Target, as always, I looked in the dollar rack for AG sized things.  I actually found these cute little bins that are great for storage, and an adorable AG sized laundry basket.  Lucky finds!  I will post pictures soon.

Lindsay had lots of fun, and was totally overjoyed to spend 3 and a half days with J!

Have a great night!


P.S. Post tomorrow on ice skating Donner Lake!!

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