New Blogs!


Guess what???  I have a new blog!!!  It is a design blog, and I'd LOVE it if you would check it out, and maybe get a design from me. :D  I had so much fun designing it, and I'd love to design your blog!  Here's the link:

Also, Lindsay has a new blog!  It is all about our Barbies, and she makes awesome photostories.  Please go check it out, and follow!  Here's the link:

Please check out both of our blogs, and follow us!

Have you started any new blogs?  If you have, or I don't follow your blog, please leave me a link!

Have a great day!



  1. Wow! I just found your blog and I like it so much! I can't wait for future posts! Oh, yea and I very recently started a new blog,


    1. Aw, thanks so much! Thank you for following me! I just checked out your blog, and I love your T-Shirt Headband craft!




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