Haha!  I just HAD to put this picture up because it is just
SO FUNNY!!! (Plus, that's kinda what I feel like right
now =P)
Happy 14th Birthday, Claire!!

Happy Birthday to my very special friend Claire!  I hope that you are having a wonderful day!  You are such a great friend, and I miss you so much!  I hope to see you soon! (Please check out her YouTube Channel here.  She is super creative, and she does AMAZING videos! :)

Aaaaaaaah.  It's finally the weekend.  FINALLY!!!!!  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, WEEKEND?????  YOU'VE BEEN HIDING FROM ME!!!!!!!  Haha.  This week has been exhausting for me.  Anybody feeling the same way????  I am just feeling totally over done.  But, it's not over yet, because I still have two (yes, two) Algebra lessons left.  Uuuuuuuuuugh.  Plus, today, we have a big shopping day.  And I'm not talking about clothes, or anything FUN; I'm talking about groceries.  Since we don't live nearby big stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc. we have to make BIG shopping days about once a month.  Let's just say I am NOT EXCITED.  Oh well... what can I say?  It's an unfortunate part of life.  But, aside from that, I SHOULD have a nice Sunday.  I pretty much plan on skiing, or just doing NOTHING.  I haven't gotten to do that for a good 5 days.  And now it's going to be 6.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. =P

I had a good week, it was just tiring.  I actually got to go skiing on Thursday, which was fun.  The only thing was that my hands got TOTALLY frozen!!!!  I don't know why, but it was very painful.  They literally had to thaw out, and it HURT.  So, when we go to Costco today, we are going to get the 100 pack of hand warmers.  Yay!!!  We got some to try out last year, never used them, and just tried them out a few weeks ago.  They work SO WELL!!!

Lindsay and I did a video on our YouTube Channel of what we got for Christmas + reviews.  Please check it out here!

The kittens are doing really well, and of course they are super adorable!!!  They are super, super sweet, and the dogs are actually hanging out with them!  They love to be around us, and they play with EVERYTHING!!!!  Kooper still isn't quite sure about them, because he is not used to having other animals be the center of attention.  He still gets a lot of love, but he now has to share the spotlight.  :D  He is being very sweet about it, though.

Our cats are actually acrobats!  We have a ladder that goes up to our loft (playroom) and they have been climbing on it!!!!  It is so funny!!!  Maggie is much more coordinated (and smarter; no offense Jack :), so she is a lot better at it.  Jack is working on it, and he is doing pretty good.  We are trying to train them to do it, and so far, the best lure is the treat bag!

Well, we have got to get to our shopping, so I've got to go.  Have a great day!


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  1. Hi Grace, thank you so much! I just check all my favorite blogs right now so I didn't see this before. That was so sweet of you to make this Happy Birthday post for me! I also loved the shopping part! I actually LOLed! I'm sorry. I feel for you. Nothing is worse, than a long, not to mention INCREDIBLY boring, shopping trip. ~Claire :)



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