Google Reader is Going Bye Bye :(

Did you hear that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st?  I was kind of bummed, but then I heard about Blog Lovin', and decided to get an account.  I love Blog Lovin', and it is WAY better than Google Reader, and I'm so glad I got an account!!!!  One of my favorite features is that you can 'Like' posts.  You can go back to the list of your likes, so then you can remember certain things in the posts.  That is a feature that I've wanted on Google Reader for a long time, so I was SUPER happy about that!!!  There is a super easy way to import all of the blogs you follow through Google Reader onto Blog Lovin'; when you create your account, it will ask you if you want to import the blogs you follow through Google Reader, and just allow it to access to your Google Reader.  Just make sure that it has imported all of the blogs, because I had one or two that didn't get over to Blog Lovin'.  All you have to do is search the URL of the blog(s) you're missing, and then click 'Follow.'  Super easy!  I am lovin' Blog Lovin' (sorry, that was really lame :), and you should definitely head over there before Google Reader shuts down!

Have a great day!


P.S. Sorry I haven't been posting!  We've had a bunch of rehearsals for a dance show that we had last night, and another one tonight.  I will get back to posting regularly next week! :)


  1. Google reader...? (hope I don't sound incredibly stupid =P)

    1. Haha! No, you don't sound stupid! :) Google Reader is the thing at the bottom of your Blogger Dashboard showing all of the posts that the blogs you follow have posted. Hope this helps! :)

  2. I don't actually use Google Reader to read the blogs I follow, but my mom does. Thank you for the link, I'll send it to her!



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