Clancy Drew {Guest Post By Madeline}

Hi, my name is Madeline!  I have the pleasure of posting on Grace's blog. :)

Meet Clancy Drew:

Clancy Drew is Nancy Drew's granddaughter {when Mrs. Drew and her husband got married, Nancy didn't change her last name!  Mr. Drew decided to stick with it}.  She goes to Midview Drive Elementary with her best friend, Elle.  To read Clancy and Elle's latest adventure, click here!

From Clancy:

Elle and I were walking back to school.  We hadn't changed clothes, because nobody saw us. :)

We were still shocked from the disappearance of the yearbook photos, and rather frightened.  Who would do this to Midview Drive Elementary?!  I think that's why we fell when we heard our names being called!

"Oh, gosh," Katrina said, "I'm so sorry!"  Katrina put out a hand to help me up.  Katrina lives two houses down from Elle's, and even though we aren't the best of friends, we are still friendly.

"But I've got a case for you, Clancy Drew," Katrina said excitedly, "Look at this... this is the hard drive the yearbook photos were on!  I plugged it into my computer, and more than half of the photos are gone!!"

"NO," cried Elle distractedly.  Elle had worked very hard on the yearbook photos, and even just one photo missing would be horrible!  "Thanks Katrina.  We already knew, but you gave us a clue!  Now we can find out who's picture to take," I said as Katrina waved goodbye, walking to her school.  "What are we going to do," wailed Elle.

Even though the third part of Clancy's mystery isn't up yet it can be found later here!

~Madeline (and Clancy :) 



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