The Hair Salon

Hello!  This is an AG Photo Story that I made with Lindsay and my friend Claire.  To see Claire's Blog, click here, and to see her YouTube Channel, click here.  Here is the story:

{door opens}
Josefina: "Hello!"

Audrey and Kate: "Hello!"  
Josefina:  "Welcome to Tangled!  Are you the 1 o'clock?"  
Audrey and Kate:  "Yes, yes we are."  
Josefina:  "Great!  Your stylist will be right out."  
Audrey and Kate:  "Thank you!"

Audrey: "Hey Kate!  Look at all of these great magazines!"

Kate: "Oooooo!  I'm going to read Dance Teacher."

Audrey: "I'm going to read Pointe.  Elizabeth is a dancer, and she said it's a good magazine."

Hailey: "Hello, my name is Hailey.  I will be your stylist today.  Come take a seat."

Audrey: "I'm so excited!"  
Kate: "Me too!"  
Hailey: {rustling around trying to find the hairbrush} "So, what would you like me to do with your hair today?"  
Audrey: "I would like a surprise hairstyle."  
Hailey: "OK, that will be fun.  What about you, Kate?"  
Kate: "First, I would like to have my hair curled, and then, I would love to have some Drop Braids."  
Hailey: "OK, I can do that.  Ah, here is the hairbrush!"

Hailey: "I'm going to curl your hair, and then I'm going to let it dry while I work on Audrey's hair."  
Kate: "OK, sounds great!"

Hailey: "I'm going to start out by brushing your hair."

Hailey: "Your hair is so pretty, Audrey!"  
Audrey: "Thank you!"  
Hailey: "This hairstyle is going to look great on you."

Hailey: "And now for the final touches.  Brush the hair..."

Hailey: "...and blow dry.  You're all done!"

Hailey: "Here, you can look in the mirror."  
Audrey: "Wow, it looks great!  Thank you!"  
Hailey: "You're welcome!  I'm glad you like it!"

Hailey: "OK, Kate.  Back to you.  I'm going to finish drying your hair, and then I'll start on the Drop Braids."  
Kate: "OK."

Hailey: "I'm almost done.  This is the last braid."

Hailey: "What do you think?"
Kate: "It looks so pretty!  Thank you so much!"
Hailey: "You're welcome!  It looks really great on you."
Kate: "Thanks!"

Audrey: "Thank you so much, Hailey!  See you soon!  Bye!"  
Hailey: "Bye!"

Josefina: "Goodbye!  See you next time!"

Audrey and Kate: "Thank you!  Bye!"

Here are pictures of the girls' hairstyles:

Audrey's Hairstyle:

Kate's Hairstyle:


Josefina as "The Receptionist"

Kate as Herself

Audrey as Herself

Elizabeth as "Hailey the Hairdresser"

I hope you liked it!  Don't forget to check out Claire's Blog and YouTube Channel!



  1. Cool! :) I love your photo story!
    ~ Jess

  2. This was so cute Grace! I loved it!

  3. And Grace, thank you for the shout outs for my blog and YouTube channel. That was very sweet of you! ~Claire



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