Our Entries For The Pink Dancer's Contest

Hi Everyone!

The Pink Dancer is having a photo contest!!  Both Lindsay and I are entering.  It is super fun, and the theme is "Beach."  Here are our entries:

Grace's Entry:

Elizabeth with the water foaming at her feet.

Lindsay's Entry:

Lindsay took this fabulous picture of me standing on a rock in the water.


  1. Grace, what great photos! Elizabeth looks so cute standing in the water there, did you make her swimsuit? It's darling!

    Wow! Lindsay I love your picture! You did a brilliant job!
    Love, Claire

    1. Hi Claire!

      Yes, I did make her swimsuit! I'm going to do a post on it soon. It was My Froggy Stuff's craft project, and I actually found the same socks My Froggy Stuff used. It was really fun and easy!


  2. Wow i have looked at your blog for less then 3 minutes and i fell in love with it thx for putting it out there.....big fan plus i love the decor and your dog plus the amazing photos!!! ;)



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