McKenna Shoots For the Stars

Last night, the girls went to the premier of "McKenna Shoots For the Stars" in their pajamas.  They had so much fun!!!

Sophie: "Hello, and welcome to Grace's Movie Theater!  What can I get for you today?  Our special today is Tex Mex popcorn."  
Audrey: "We'd like 2 orders of Tex Mex popcorn."  
Sophie: "Here you go."  
Audrey and Elizabeth: "Thank you!"

Audrey: "Here's my ticket."  
Sophie: "Thank you!"

Elizabeth: "Here's mine."  
Sophie: "Thank you! Enjoy the movie!"

{watching the previews}
Elizabeth: "Will the previews ever end?  I just want to see the movie!"
Audrey: "I know!!"

{claps and whistles from the audience}

Audrey: "It's starting!!"
Elizabeth: "YAY!!"

{fully engrossed in the movie}

My Overall Review:

It was a cute movie, but it wasn't my favorite AG film.  (my favorite AG movie is Kit)  I thought that they wandered from the books too much; many events were changed and/or left out, and character descriptions differed on film from the books.  Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy it, but I think they could have stuck to the original story more.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie was "Toulane Spies On McKenna."  I loved how they incorporated all of the gymnastics into that particular scene.  I also liked (even though this wasn't in the book) the "Wheelchair Race" scene.  That was fun.  Overall, it was a good movie; I would have preferred it follow the book more closely is my only real criticism.

Did you watch the premiere last night?  I would love it if you commented and let me know what you thought of the movie



  1. I liked it! It was good and funny at parts, but the historical ones are much better! I hope they make more! :)

  2. I loved the photos! My review on the movie is that I agree, they changed a lot from the books. Also, I don't think McKenna stood a chance when everyone was trying out to make the other more advanced team. Did you see all the older girls there? McKenna was one of the smallest. It was a cute movie though and I liked watching it. My mom got the movie at Walmart a few weeks ago so I've watched it a few times now. ~Claire



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