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Thanks you so, so much to my 3 new friends!  Thank you Jessie, Hannah, and Sarah!  Thank you everyone for leaving me comments with the links to your blogs!  I read and followed every one of them, and I really enjoyed all of them!  Also, thank you Mysti for featuring me on your Link Love Post!

While I was reading "A Hairtastical Adventure" on The Dragonmaster Blog, I noticed that Storyteller (the author of The Dragonmaster Blog) used the word "fantastical."  A couple months ago, I started using this word ALL the time (I still do!), and I thought I had come up with this fantastical (haha!) word that I was going to get in the dictionary one day.  Well, over the past couple of weeks, I think I have seen this word in 3 different places.  The first time I saw it was on an ad for a video game on Pandora.  I was soooo upset!!!  I mean, I had really thought that this was MY word!!!  But, as unfortunate as it is, fantastical is NOT my word. :o(  It must have entered my subconscience somehow, and I didn't realize it.  I just thought this was kind of funny, and it's always good to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, so I wanted to share that with all of you.  Thanks Storyteller for using such a fantastical word!  Have a fantastical night!



  1. hahaha and here I was think I'D come up with. lol JK =D You have a fantastical day, too!!!! :)




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