My First Day of 7th Grade!


So, today was my first official day of 7th grade!  I am pretty proud of myself, because I started around 8:30, and finished at 1:45 P.M. on my first day!!!  Yes, 1:45!  Super happy about that.  I'm happy with most of my curriculum this year, and I am hoping that I will be able to have good days like this all year long!  Here's the rundown on my curriculum:

Math: Saxon Algebra 1.  I've been doing Saxon for a long time now, so that's nothing new and exciting. :o)

Science: Bob Jones University Press 7th Grade Life Science.  I love, love, love this science program!  I have the online video lessons with Mrs. Vick, and I love science!

Grammar and Writing: Saxon Grammar and Writing 7.  I have been doing Saxon Grammar for a couple years, so, once again, nothing new!

Literature: Life Pac American Literature.  I haven't done this yet, because it's not assigned to me on Tuesdays.  It's on the schedule for tomorrow.

Reading Comprehension: Reading Detective B1.  This book is good for reinforcing reading comprehension, but it's kind of boring.

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 7.  I find this book to be very educational, and I really like the layout of it.

Handwriting: Universal Publishing Handwriting: A Self-Improvement Workbook: Book H.  My cursive isn't very nice, so I do this a couple times a week to improve it.  I usually write in print anyway, but my mom wants me to have good cursive.

History:  All American History: Volume II.  This is a pretty good program.  Volume II is going to be waaaaay more interesting than Volume I, because I will be learning about the time period during/after the Industrial Revolution!

Geography: Discovering the World of Geography: Grades 5&6.  I am in the 5&6 book because I didn't do geography one year, but I'm going to catch up this year.

Second Language: Rosetta Stone Homeschool: Latin.  I'm not sure how I like this.  I had an immersion program for Spanish in 1st Grade, and I didn't really like it.  I'm hoping this program will be better!

Congratulations if you got all the way through that!!!  I just put it out there for fellow homeschoolers who might be interested, and anyone else who's interested in what a 7th grade homeschooler does.  I always like to see what other homeschooler's curriculum looks like, so if you have anything you love to do, please comment and share!  I hope you had a nice weekend, and I wish everyone a fantastic school year!


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