An Autumn Photoshoot with My Sister!


Happy October!  Thank you so much to my new friend, Robin!

The other day, I asked Lindsay if she would let me do a photo shoot with her.  I got to choose some outfits for her, and one of the outfits I chose for her included dangly earrings.  She was super excited about that, because she had never worn dangly earrings before.  I also put a little bit of mascara on her, curled her eyelashes, and applied a little bit of lipstick.  She is a girly girl, so she was pretty excited about that, too!  I got some great pictures, and I think you will see that we had a lot of fun with this!

Here are the pictures:

Having fun!

I love this one!


These are the dangly earrings that she was so excited about!

I was so proud of this hairstyle that I did on her!


We had a lot of fun with the bubbles!

We thought it was funny, because we had to keep changing directions because of the wind!  It was super windy!  All of a sudden, a HUGE gust would come in, and we would have to turn away because otherwise, we would get pine needles that were blowing off the trees in our eyes!

I got super lucky on this one, because I was having a really hard time getting a good "bubble picture!"


Lindsay was having way too much fun with her scarf, and was being kind of silly!

Opening the umbrella!

She also had a ton of fun with the umbrella...

...and the hat!

She has rockstar hair in this photo!

Little actress!

Congratulations if you got all the way through that!  I think that they are all adorable!  I actually took 206 pictures, believe it or not!  Obviously, I narrowed it down!  Have a great day!



  1. I love your photos! This made me smile. I miss you guys so much! Love, Claire

    1. I loved your photoshoot of Sarah, and that inspired me to do this! I miss you so much!


  2. Cute! Great pictures! And congrats on (almost) 30 followers! Will you still have your giveaway?


    1. Thanks! I actually just got another friend last night/this morning (not sure which!), so there is a post about my giveaway coming up soon!


  3. You take great pictures! I love your blog :)!



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