It's Snowing!!!


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It's snowing!!!  This is our first snow of the season, and I am so happy!  It started snowing around midnight last night, and it hasn't stopped.  We have about 6 inches so far, and counting.  It's so pretty outside with the snow on the trees, and it is very special because all of the Aspens are still yellow and orange, so they look absolutely beautiful with the snow on them!  

Our dogs love the snow, so they are very happy, too!  Our German Shepherd, Kaptain, LOVES to play in the snow!  He runs around, plays with his sticks that he finds, and does other doggie things!  Kooper loves the snow, too, but he can't go out too much for two reasons:  1) He gets snow and ice all balled up in his fur that are hard to get out.  The 'snowballs' cause him pain (they pull at his fur), and make him super cold!  We just groomed him, and I got him a sweatshirt and jacket, so hopefully that will help.  2) He loves to eat the snow.  This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that he has potty accidents in the house after eating so much snow.  We're hoping that this year, he will not be so obsessed with eating snow, and that he will be able to go out more!  

Here are some snowy pictures:

We use our deck railing as a gauge of how much it's snowed!

My 'slipper-prints' on the deck! :D 

When it rains or snows (particularly snow) the sky gets very ominous, so you can't see the lake all the way across.  I call it the 'Ocean Effect.' :o)

I love the snow in the trees! 

I was trying to capture the snow coming down, but it didn't work that well!  You can kind of see it on the right a little. 

An Aspen tree with a little bit of snow on it; isn't the color beautiful against the background?

Has it snowed at your house yet?  Have a great day!



  1. Wow! It doesn't snow where I live but it is raining right now though. :)

  2. WOW!!! Snow already?!?!? I live in Ohio and it's still 60 to 70 degrees outside!

    1. I know, isn't it exciting!?!? Wow, it's warm at your house!



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