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Hi Everybody!

Thanks for all of your entries for my giveaway!  I just wanted to let everybody know, that if you comment under 'anonymous,' and you don't give me a name or nickname, I will not be able to enter you in my giveaway because I won't have a name to enter, or a way to contact you.  So, if you entered under anonymous, please reply to your comment and tell me your name.  Also, please remember that this giveaway is in appreciation of my public followers.  Thanks!

I made a couple changes to my blog.  Instead of having my favorite blogs on the side of my blog, I  now have a tab for it instead.  I swapped out the movie tab for a "Fantastical Blogs" tab.  I decided that I didn't really want to do the movie tab anymore.  I kind of felt like it was cluttering up my blog, and I'd like to be able to put more buttons and "decorations" on the side of my blog.  I also made my font size larger, and hopefully easier to read.  I will keep in mind more photos, and the "Caption That Picture" idea.  Thank you for all the suggestions so far; please keep them coming!

Storyteller writes stories, featuring four different characters she's created.  She created a really cool quiz that you can take to determine which character you're most like.  Click here to take the quiz.

Here are my answers to the quiz questions:

1. D
2. D
3. D
4. D
5. B


Thanks for the awesome quiz (and the great stories), Storyteller!  That was a lot of fun!


P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway here!  Please tell your friends about it.


  1. Well, thank you, Grace!! :) I'm so glad you took it!!!!! :)

    (Psst, I'm Jessie Bender, too!! =D)



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