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I was so excited to find out today that Claire from Claire's American Girl Dolls nominated me for the "I Love Your Blog Award!"

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Thank you, Claire, from Claire's American Girl Dolls! 

Tell your readers why you started a blog, and why you keep doing it.

I started a blog when I was younger, and I didn't stick with it.  I started this blog because I wanted to get back into it and keep in touch with my good friend who moved away.  I keep doing it because I love to, I want to keep in touch with my friend, and I absolutely love it when people comment, or become friends.

Describe a usual day in your life.

I wake up, eat breakfast, and depending on the day, I might go for a bike ride, go on a hike, dance, paddleboard, or go to the beach.  Then I eat lunch, and either continue on with what I'm doing, or do something else.  Then I work on my blog, eat dinner, sometimes watch a movie, and go to bed.  These are my summer days. :o)

What is your best collaboration?

I've only done one blog collaboration, which was with Madeline.  It was a lot of fun!

What is your worst collaboration?

Being that I've only done one collaboration, and it went very well, I don't have a "worst collaboration." Thankfully!

Explain what your blog means to you.

Interesting question!  My blog is something that I really love to do, and it is even more fun because people read what I write.  I think that that's pretty neat.  I really love to read other people's blogs too.

Nominate 5 people for this award.  Make sure to comment on their blogs to let them know!

I nominate:

1. Katie from Katie In The Spotlight

2. McKenna from 
McKenna's Purple Sky

3. Lexie from The Pink Dancer

4. Madeline from Instantly British

5. Jess from Rosalyn's Blog



1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the award! :)
    Since I already got it, I'm not going to post it. I'm sure Katie will, though... ;)



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