When I came home tonight, my grandma discovered that Kooper (my dog) had gotten into something.  My cousin is here visiting, and he had some unsweetened baking chocolate in the bottom of his bag in a ziploc baggie.  We discovered this is what he ate.  Basically, this is the absolute WORST thing for dogs to eat.  Well, he ate the entire 8 oz. worth brand-new package.  We instantly gave him peroxide, and he started to throw up.  We called our wonderful friend who is a vet, and she told us what to do.  My dad and cousin are taking him to the vet.  I didn't think I could take being there.  Kooper is one of the most important things in the world to me, so I'm really trying to hold it together right now.  My mom called the poison control center for animals, and Kooper has probably arrived at the vet by now.  He will be charcoaled, and he will have to stay overnight, which I know is the right thing for him, but it's really hard for me.  Kooper will now be staying in his crate WHENEVER we leave.  I just wanted to write about this, and I would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers right now.


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