Update On Kooper


Before you read this, read the post below (titled Kooper) if you haven't read it.  

I have good news!!!  We brought Kooper home from the "hospital" this morning at about 8:30.  He was very happy to see us!  On the way home, he slept for a little while, but got VERY excited to see his big brother, Kaptain.  When I brought him in the house after walking him around a little outside, he went to say hi to my grandma (everyone was still sleeping since we were up until 1 in the morning, so everyone was super tired), and then my mom and sister.  He tried to say hi to Lindsay, but she didn't wake up when he licked her face. :)  He was very happy to be home, and he was ready to eat!  After he got his breakfast, he crawled into his crate to go to sleep.  He has been sleeping for most of the day.  You know how when you're sick, you just want to SLEEP!?  Well, I think that's how he feels right now.  He looks kind of funny right now, because he has a green wrap/bandage thing on one of his legs, he has little shaved off patches on 2 of his other legs, and he has a pink wrap/bandage thing on his tail!  The thing on his tail is to keep his tail out of his soft waste that he will be producing from the charcoal treatment.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have him back home, and that he is okay.  


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  1. Grace, I'm so glad that Kooper is doing better and that he is back home with you! I'll say a prayer that he gets even better! Tell him 'Hi' for me! I miss you! ~Claire



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