Our Entries For The Pink Dancer's Contest: Round 2 and Caroline Abbott

First, I want to say THANK YOU to my new follower Arabesque!!  I now have 8 followers!  This makes me so happy.  I love finding blogs I enjoy and it is an honor when someone enjoys reading my blog enough to follow it.

Second, I know I haven't been posting a lot, but I have a lot of family visiting right now, so I will post more next week.  Sorry about that!

The Pink Dancer's Contest is on to Round 2!  This time, the theme is Wedding/Bridal Shower.  It was hard for me to think of something at first, but this is what I came up with.

Grace's Entry:

Wedding Cupcakes!  Classic Chocolate and Vanilla.  I made these today, and they turned out great!  This was really fun because I was able to combine my love of baking and photography into a project together.  Thanks again Lexie for inspiring creativity!!!

Lindsay's Entry:

McKenna in her wedding dress. (She's not getting married!:)

So, AG has some super exciting news!!!  They posted a real picture of their new historical doll, Caroline Abbott!  She is beautiful!

Here She Is:

I love her long, blonde, curly hair, and her beautiful eyes.  Her outfit is pretty cute, too.  Great job, AG!!  I can't wait to read about her in her books!  Do you plan on getting her when she comes out?



  1. Cool! Those cupcakes look so good! :)
    I love Caroline! I really want to get her!
    ~ Jess :)

  2. Someday you'll have so many followers you won't be able to tell who followed you {like MOI- just kidding! I can still tell.}!



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