Interview with Storyteller!


1. What is your name (or Blogger name) and age (if you don't want to say your age, that is just fine :)?  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm called Storyteller, and I'm just the perfect age for me. =D (haha)  Anyway, I'm a Christian writer who loves designing!! :)

2. What are your blogs about, and why did you start blogging?

Well, I have lots of blogs... But the one thing that all of my blogs have in common are stories, both continuing and ones posted on pages. :)  (And, of course, my randomness.... =P)

3. What are your hobbies?

Writing, designing, blogging, playing the piano, backyard volleyball, acting.... ;)

4. If you are a doll lover, how many dolls do you have, and which ones?  If you are not a doll lover, how often do you go to the library?

I go to the library about once a week. ;)

5. What is your favorite book (or book series)?

Hmm... I don't know.  Of course the Bible is my favorite book, but since I think you meant NOT that, I'll try to think of something.... ;D  One of my favorites is The Plague (historical fiction). :)

6. What is your favorite movie?

I have lots, but one of my favorites is How to Train Your Dragon.

7. Do you prefer to watch the movie before reading the book, or do you prefer to read the book before watching the movie?

I prefer to read the book before I watch the movie. :)

8. What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

I like strawberry and mint chocolate chip. ;)

9. What is your most favorite place that you've ever been to?

Uh... I don't know. =D  Story world?  JK ;D

10. What do you like best about my blog?

The author and your awesome posts!! :)

11. What would you do to improve my blog?

Well, I'd add some simple CSS codes and change around the layout a bit to suit my personality. =D

12. What are your top 5 favorite blogs?

I'm not sure... :)

13. Would you be interested in guest posting on my blog?

That probably won't be possible.  But you have such an awesome blog! :)  Thanks for doing this interview!

Thank you, Storyteller!

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Have a wonderful day!


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