Screaming Rabbit!

Hey Guys!

I was watching pet videos the other day, and one video that popped up as 'suggested' was called 'Screaming Rabbit.'  Well, with a title like that, you just have to click on it, right???  So, I did.  It is probably one of THE FUNNIEST videos I have EVER seen.  I have probably watched it over 100 times now (I am seriously not exaggerating, ask anyone in my family :).  My family is getting annoyed with me, but I laugh so hard every time, I can't even laugh!  Does that ever happen to you?  It totally happens to me all the time!!!  I wanted to show you the video, because it is JUST SO FUNNY!!!!!  Enjoy!

I'm laughing so hard right now!!!!  Ok... calming down.  I LOVE THIS RABBIT!!!!

And, uh, yes, I realize that it is not really the rabbit screaming, but, I mean, it is just so funny!!!!

What do you think?  Have you found any hilarious videos lately?

Have a great day!




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