A Break and Ice Skating


I am so, so happy!  It is FINALLY Thanksgiving break!  I have been counting down the days for the last month!  I am so happy to have days off ALL WEEK LONG(!!!!) and we plan to do lots of fun things!

Do you like my new background?  I think it's really cute!  I love the little turkeys!

Do you have any special plans for Thanksgiving?  We will probably be at home, and we will make our special Thanksgiving feast.

We got hockey skates this year to go skating on natural ice, and a local outdoor rink.  The natural ice hasn't formed yet, so we went skating at the outdoor rink last week, and had a great time.  Here is a picture of my hockey skates:
I found this picture off of the internet.  See all of the silver and gold detailing?  I'm going to use a marker and color them blue!  Won't that look cool?  We're also going to make blade covers using pipe insulation and duck tape.  Lindsay has some fancy duck tape, and hopefully she'll let me use some. :P  I'll post pictures of my fancy ice skate/marker job, and my blade covers when we've made them.  I can't wait to go skating again tonight!

Have a great day!


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