My Very First Sponsored Giveaway! ***CLOSED***


Guess what????  Emma is sponsoring me with a blog design!  Isn't that exciting?!?!  Please go check out her designs!  Ok, now, onto the giveaway!

So, what is that picture doing up there, you ask?  Well, it is part of my giveaway!  Here are the rules:

~You must be a PUBLIC follower of my blog.

~In your comment, say that you would like to enter, and create a little conversation that the Barbies are having in the pool.  Please feel free to take complete creative license, and have fun!

~For 1 extra entry, you can advertise my giveaway on your blog with the button that I made.  You can find it on the top of my right sidebar.

~For 2 extra entries, you can advertise Emma's Design Blog on your blog.  You can find her button under the 'My Sponsors' page above.

~The last day to enter is Friday, November 16.

~Thanks for entering, and good luck!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Grace!

    I put the giveaway button and Emma's button on my blog. I also put yours on there. Here is the Barbies' conversation:

    ELLIE (PINK SWIMSUIT): Oh, it's so nice to relax in the pool!
    STEPHANIE (YELLOW SWIMSUIT): Oh, I know. I've been so busy with work, I haven't had a chance to relax lately.
    ELLIE: I'm so glad that we could come here together.
    STEPHANIE: Yes, me too, but I better get going. Nice talking to you!
    ELLIE: Bye!




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