How was your Halloween?  I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too!  We got to carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds, dress up, and trick-or-treat!  I carved 3 1/2 pumpkins.  One for me, one for our friend's shop (he wanted us to help decorate by carving pumpkins!), half of Lindsay's for our friend's shop, and Lindsay's 'personal pumpkin.'  I LOVE carving pumpkins, and I have been declared the family pumpkin carving expert!

McKenna from McKenna's Purple Sky came up with this really fun quiz about your Halloween.  So, I thought it would be fun to take it!  Here we go!

Halloween Questions from McKenna:

-Did you get a lot of candy?


-What was your costume for Halloween?

Pajama Girl.  I wore fleece Hello Kitty PJs, rollers in my hair, a little sleeping mask, and some fun and funky slippers!

-Who did you trick-or-treat with?

My sister, mom, dad, and grandma.

-Did you carve a pumpkin?


Do you like to eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes!  This year, we made a 'savory' batch and a 'sweet' batch.

Did you decorate your house?

Yes.  We did more of a harvest theme.

What is your favorite kind of candy?

CHOCOLATE!!!  My all time favorite are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Did you get your favorite candy for Halloween?

Yes!  I got 8 Reese's!

Did anything scary happen to you?  If so, what happened?

Not really...

Thanks, McKenna!  That was so much fun!  Here are some Halloween pictures:

Me focusing hard on carving a pumpkin!

One of the pumpkins I carved.

Me in my costume!

Lindsay in hers.  She was the black AND white swan!

[From Left to Right] Lindsay's Minnie Mouse pumpkin, my dad's 'Scarface' pumpkin, and my haunted house pumpkin.

Lindsay and I trading candy after trick-or-treating.  We like to trade every year.  If there's something I like of Lindsay's, then I try to make her a deal with my candy to get it; vice versa.  We have a lot of fun with that!

I would love to hear about your Halloween!  Have a great night!


P.S. Thank you for the awards, Storyteller and Hannah!  Post coming tomorrow!

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