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Daydream Doll Boutique is having an AMAZING giveaway!!!!  What are they giving away?  The doll I've been wanting for over a year!!!!!!!  I would name her Hailey.

Isn't she gorgeous???  I really, really want her.

First, I want to say that the Daydream Doll Boutique store is fantastical!  They have super cute clothes!  Please check them out!  Everything is priced very fair, and I plan to make an order next time my dolls need clothes.  My favorite outfit is the "Just Dottie" outfit.  It is so cute!  I would pair it with the "Tan Suede Button Boots."  Wouldn't that be an adorable outfit?  I love it.

Have a great day, and thanks, Daydream Doll Boutique, for hosting this giveaway!


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  1. I entered too! May the best person win... ;)



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