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Would you like to guest post on my blog?  Your post can be about anything you want (i.e. American Girls,  Craft Ideas, Photoshoots, Things You Find On Pinterest, Poems, Quotes, Random, Short Stories, etc.).  It would be great if you introduced yourself at the beginning of your post, and left a link to your blog(s).  If you are interested in guest posting, please send me an email with your post at:

I have 4 spaces open in the month of December.  Let me know what date would work for you.  Have a great day!



Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday ~ 1


I am so excited!  Today is my first time participating in The Vintage Apple's "Oh How Pintersting Wednesday!"  Here we go!

Oh my gosh... That's a scary thought....
Scary thought...


Such a cool piece of art!
Melted crayon art... so cool!

That's adorable!

Draw on tissue paper with permanent markers, wrap around candle, cover with wax paper, and heat until image is transferred... I tried this, and it worked!
Personalized Candles:
We made these for my mom's birthday, and they turned out great!

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake ~ That. Looks. Delicious.

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake!  YUM!

Rainbow Cupcakes ~ So cute!
Rainbow Cupcakes!  So adorable!

Death By Oreo Cupcake ~ YUM!
Death By Oreo Cupcakes!  Delicious!

Candy Cane Nails!
Candy Cane Nails

Christmas Light Nails ~ Cute!
Christmas Light Nails!  So creative!

Ragdoll Kittens are sooooo cute!  I really want one!
Ragdoll cats are so stinkin' cute!  We really, really want a cat.  We have been wanting a kitty since our cat passed last August. :(

Dog shaming... such a weird (but completely hilarious) thing to do!

So cute!  Love this little guy!

Cinnamon Roll Waffles?! Best idea ever!
Cinnamon Roll Waffles!?  Those looks delicious!

Winter <3
Winter <3

"Walk on Water Balls" on Lake Alster in Hamburg, Germany
"Walk On Water Balls" in Hamburg, Germany.

So cute!
I LOVE this outfit!  I would totally wear this!

This one, too!

That was so much fun!  I hope that you enjoyed looking at some of my favorite pins!



Some Exciting News!


Guess what???  I have the privilege of contributing to the Generation Gazette!  The Generation Gazette is a blog newspaper in the fictional town of Generation created by Storyteller.  She just decided that she would open up the spaces for the "staff" to other bloggers.  I am "Google," the photographer.  I will find pictures through the internet and Pinterest.  Which brings me to some MORE exciting news!  I got a Pinterest account!!!!!!!  I have been asking my mom for awhile, and she finally let me get one!  Click here to see my boards.  I am having so much fun finding cool recipes, crafts, funny stuff, and everything else!  Tomorrow, I will be participating in The Vintage Apple's "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!"  I'm super excited!

Have a great afternoon!


P.S. Thanksgiving post coming soon!


Check This Out!


Daydream Doll Boutique is having an AMAZING giveaway!!!!  What are they giving away?  The doll I've been wanting for over a year!!!!!!!  I would name her Hailey.

Isn't she gorgeous???  I really, really want her.

First, I want to say that the Daydream Doll Boutique store is fantastical!  They have super cute clothes!  Please check them out!  Everything is priced very fair, and I plan to make an order next time my dolls need clothes.  My favorite outfit is the "Just Dottie" outfit.  It is so cute!  I would pair it with the "Tan Suede Button Boots."  Wouldn't that be an adorable outfit?  I love it.

Have a great day, and thanks, Daydream Doll Boutique, for hosting this giveaway!



A Package Came!


Lindsay and I got some AG stuff in the mail a few days ago!  We made an opening video on our YouTube Channel.  Please check it out here.  I got...
 ...the Fancy Ice Skates...
...and Toasty!

Lindsay got...
 ...the Fancy Ice Skates...
...and McKenna's Cast and Crutches Set!

We love our new stuff!  It is all super adorable!  Please go watch our video here!

Have a great night!



Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you are all having a wonderful day with your family and friends, and remembering all of your blessings.  Enjoy your lovely feasts!



A Break and Ice Skating


I am so, so happy!  It is FINALLY Thanksgiving break!  I have been counting down the days for the last month!  I am so happy to have days off ALL WEEK LONG(!!!!) and we plan to do lots of fun things!

Do you like my new background?  I think it's really cute!  I love the little turkeys!

Do you have any special plans for Thanksgiving?  We will probably be at home, and we will make our special Thanksgiving feast.

We got hockey skates this year to go skating on natural ice, and a local outdoor rink.  The natural ice hasn't formed yet, so we went skating at the outdoor rink last week, and had a great time.  Here is a picture of my hockey skates:
I found this picture off of the internet.  See all of the silver and gold detailing?  I'm going to use a marker and color them blue!  Won't that look cool?  We're also going to make blade covers using pipe insulation and duck tape.  Lindsay has some fancy duck tape, and hopefully she'll let me use some. :P  I'll post pictures of my fancy ice skate/marker job, and my blade covers when we've made them.  I can't wait to go skating again tonight!

Have a great day!



All About Elevensies!


I got tagged by Storyteller!  Thanks!  But, this is not your average tag.  It's all about elevensies!  This particular tag did not have a button to go along with it, so I made one!  Here it is:

What do you think?  I think it's pretty cool, myself! =P  Ok, moving on!

The Rules:

~If you are tagged/nominated you must post 11 facts about yourself

1. I love PicMonkey,
2. and I would be so super duper excited if you would ask me to design something for you! =D
3. I added a new page on my blog...
4. ...about ad swaps!
5. If you are interested, please click here to check it out!
6. We went ice skating on Thursday...
7. ...and it was really fun!
8. I'm reading Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix right now,
9. and I'm really enjoying it.
10. I found the book through Storyteller.
11. I had a lot of fun doing my '11 Facts' differently this time!

~Then, you must answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you, and create 11 questions for the people you tag.

Questions for me:

1. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!
2. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? IDK
3. Which country would you like to visit? France!
4. Vanilla or Chocolate? CHOCOLATE!!!
5. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae: Well, I recently went to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, and they have THE BEST ice cream!  I got this amazing sundae that had chocolate ice cream and this amazing peanut butter cream.  Chocolate and peanut butter are two of my favorite foods, so that is the perfect sundae for me!
6. Would you rather attend a ball, eat something very unusual, solve a mystery that even puzzles Sherlock Holmes, or break the world record of the most books read in one year? Break the book-reading record!
7. Breakfast or just Coffee? Breakfast, for sure! (Even though I do love coffee! ~ I am not allowed to drink it, though!)
8. What is your favorite era in history? The 1950s!
9. Do you have any kind of accent when you speak? No, but I can do a pretty good English accent!
10. Is it soda or pop? Soda!
11. Name 11 of your hobbies: 1. Dancing 2. Hiking 3. Riding my bike 4. Ice skating 5. Baking 6. Kayaking 7. Paddleboarding 8. Playing with American Girls 9. Blogging 10. Graphic Designing 11. Reading (Just so you know, that list is in no particular order =)

My questions for you:

1. Rain or Snow?
2. Cross Country or Downhill skiing?
3. Pinterest or Blogger?
4. Books or Movies?
5. Thanksgiving or Easter?
6. One Direction or Taylor Swift?
7. Ocean or Lake?
8. Trees or Flowers?
9. Salty or Sweet?
10. Rose or Daisy?
11. Mystery or Fantasy?

~Next, tag 11 bloggers

2. Jenny at Artsy Peacock
3. Lindsay at Stories By Me
4. Laura at Princess In MudBoots
5. Jess at Rosalyn's Blog
6. Storyteller and Farm Girl at Corn In A Row
7. Sayoko at Simply Sayoko
8. Hannah at The Writings of Hannah
10. Rawan at Viviness and AG
11. Lily at You're A Doll

~Tell the people you tagged that they are awarded

Okey Dokey!

~No tagging back


Have a great day!



The Winner!


Thank you so much to my new friend, Olivia!  Wow, 39 friends!  Thank you so much everyone!

So.... Only my sister Lindsay entered my giveaway.  Which is great for her, because she wants a new blog design for her blog Stories By Me!  I'm wondering if you didn't enter because you didn't want a blog design, or if you didn't want to create a conversation for the Barbies.  Please comment and let me know for future giveaways.  So...

Congratulations, Lindsay!  To claim your design, please go to Emma's Design Blog and comment to let her know so that she can start designing for you!

Lindsay's Barbie conversation:

ELLIE (PINK SWIMSUIT): Oh, it's so nice to relax in the pool!
STEPHANIE (YELLOW SWIMSUIT): Oh, I know.  I've been so busy with work, I haven't had a chance to relax lately.
ELLIE: I'm so glad that we could come here together.
STEPHANIE: Yes, me too, but I better get going.  Nice talking to you!

Great job, Lindsay!  Enjoy your prize!  Here is a button to put on your blog:

Have a great afternoon!



...And I'm a Homeschooler.


Haha!  Do you like my title?  Thank you so much to my new friend, Lindsay!

For the last few weeks, I've been having REALLY GREAT school days (not that they were bad before, it's just been ESPECIALLY good! ;).  I just wanted to tell you what's been going on.  I have been getting up in between 6:45 and 7:30.  At first it was really hard for me to get back in the routine from summer, but it is getting much better.  Also, I have a little tiny advantage with the 'Fall Back' of time, so I've been tricking my body into getting up at 6:30 instead of 7:30.  It's been working great!  My estimated time of finishing school each day is around 12:30.  I then have time to do fun stuff before I go to dance, and I've been able to post quite frequently!  There are so many advantages to homeschooling.  Last Tuesday, both Lindsay and I finished our school very early, and we got to go an a family hike with the dogs.  It was so great.  

I personally feel like I get a much better education than I would if I was in public school.  I also like that my curriculum is 'Self-Guided.'

Through another blogger named Emily Sacra (she is a 16 year old homeschooler), I found a really awesome YouTube channel called BlimeyCow.  Their videos are SO FUNNY!!!!  They also have good messages, but they are portrayed with humor.  Please check them out!

If you've ever been interested in homeschooling, and your parents have time, I would highly recommend trying it.

Have a great day!


P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway here!


Stories By Lindsay


Guess what?  Lindsay (my sister) started a blog!  It's called 'Stories By Me.'  She wrote a story that was really, really good, and I told her she should start a blog with all of her stories on it.  So she did!  Please click here to check it out!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


P.S.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway here!


200 Tag


Thank you so much to my new friend, Rose!

Prepare for a long post!  I had a lot of fun doing this, and I hope you enjoy!

200. My middle name is:  I'm not willing to expose personal info. like that.  Sorry!
199. I was born in: 1999
198. I am really: relaxed right now. :D
197. My cellphone company is: Don't have one.
196. My eye color is: Blue/Green
195. My shoe size is: 6 1/2-7 1/2 depending on the shoe
194. My ring size is: IDK
193. My height is: 5 ft 1/2 in.
192. I am allergic to: Nothing right now
191. My 1st car was: I'm not driving yet.
190. My 1st job was: I haven't gotten a job yet.
189. Last book you read: The Missing: Book 1: Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix
188. My bed is: Super comfy!!!
187: My Pet(s): Kooper (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Kaptain (German Shepherd), Royal (Beta Fish)
186. My best friend is: I have lots of good friends, but I don't like to label them as 'best friends'
185. My favorite shampoo is: Kirkland Brand Shampoo
184. AIM name: N/A
183. Piggy banks are: Cute, but a pain to get money out of!
182. In my pockets: Nothing
181. On my calendar: Endangered Animal Species
180. Marriage is: Great with the right person.
179. Spongebob can be: Totally obnoxious.
178. My mom: Is the best!
177. The last 3 CD's I bought were: I don't remember.  I haven't bought a CD for a long time!
176. Last YouTube video I watched: "I Pledge Blind Allegiance" by BlimeyCow
175. How many cousins do you have? I'm only going to count 1st cousins, so my answer is: 4.
174. Do you have any siblings? One younger sister
173. Are your parents divorced? NO!!!
172. Are you taller than your mom? Just a few more inches to go!
171. Do you play an instrument? Piano
170. What did you do yesterday? School and a Hike

{I Believe In}

169. Love at first sight: Not really...
168. Luck: Yes
167. Fate: Kind of
166. Yourself: Yes
165. Aliens: I'm not sure
164. Heaven: Yes!
163. Hell: Yes
162. God: Yes!
161. Horoscopes: No
160. Soul Mates: Kind of...
159. Ghosts: No
158. Marriage: Yes
157. War: No
156. Orbs: No
155. Magic: No

{This or That}

154. Hugs or Kisses: Both
153. Drunk or High: Neither!
152. Phone or Online: Online
151. Red Heads or Black Hair: Red hair is so unique!
150. Blondes or Brunettes: Both
149. Hot or Cold: Ummm...
148. Summer or Winter:  That's too hard!
147. Autumn or Spring: Autumn!
146. Chocolate or Vanilla: Definitely chocolate!!!
145. Night or Day: Day
144. Oranges or Apples: Apples
143. Curly or Straight Hair: Straight
142. McDonald's or Burger King: Neither!  They're both disgusting!
141. White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate, for sure!
140. Mac or PC: Mac!!!!!!
139. Flip Flops or High Heels: High Heels!!
138. Ugly and rich OR cute and poor: I don't know... that is really a great question...
137. Coke or Pepsi: Neither
136. Hillary or Obama: Neither
135. Buried or Cremated: I don't want to think about that.  It kind of creeps me out!
134. Singing or Dancing: Dancing!
133. Coach or Chanel: Oooh, that's hard!  I would probably have to go with Coach, though.
132. Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: ???
131. Small Town or Big City: Small Town!!
130. Wal-Mart or Target: Target
129. Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: Ben Stiller
128. Life or Death: Um, that's a weird question.  Life.
127. East Coast or West Coast: West!
126. Your Birthday or Christmas: Too hard!
125. Chocolate or Flowers: Chocolate!!!
124. Disney or Six Flags: Definitely Disney!
123. Yankees or Red Sox: I'm not into baseball

{Here's What I Think About}

122. War: No!
121. George Bush: No opinion
120. Marriage: Yes
119. The presidential election: Well, its over now, so I guess all we can do is pray that the next 4 years are better than the last 4 years.
118. Abortion: Absolutely not!
117. Parents: Fantastical!
116. Reality TV: I don't watch very much TV; I don't have the time for it!
115. MySpace: Waste of time.
114. Back Stabbers: Bad.
113. eBay: eBay is awesome!
112. Mean People: Mean!
111. Work: Good
110. My neighbors: Don't see them much.  Most of them don't live here.
109. Gas Prices: Absolute insanity.
108. Designer Clothes: Some are super cute and stylish, but others are just WEIRD and SUPER EXPENSIVE!
107. College: Yes!!!
106. Sports: Great exercise, and fun to watch!
105. My family is: The best!
104. The future: Kind of scary...

{Last Time I}

103. Hugged someone: This morning
102. Ate: About an hour ago
101. Saw someone you haven't see in a while: This past summer
100. Cried in front of someone: Last week
99. Went to a movie theater: This past summer
98. Took a vacation: A few years ago...
97. Swam in a pool: This past summer
96. Changed a diaper: Never
95. Got my nails done: Never
94. Went to a wedding: Never
93. Broke a bone: Last year
92. Got a piercing: Got my ears pierced when I was 8
91. Broke the law: Never!!!
90. Texted: Never


89. Who makes you laugh most: My sister
88. Something I will really miss when I leave home: EVERYTHING!!!
87. The last movie I saw: Madagascar 3
86. The thing that I'm looking forward to most: Finishing school!
85. The thing I'm not looking forward to: Having to do more chores!
84. People call me: Grace
83. The most difficult thing to do is: ...
82. I have gotten a speeding ticket: Never.  I'm not even driving yet!
81. My zodiac sign is: I can't remember, nor do I care.
80. The first person I talked to today was: My dad.
79. First time you had a crush: I'm not really into the whole "boy/girl likes girl/boy" thing yet. ;o)
78. The one person who I can't hide things from: My mom.  She always knows when something is wrong.
77. Last time someone said something you were thinking: Yesterday
76. Right now I am talking to: Nobody
75. What are you going to do when you grow up: Still working all that out
74. I have/will get a job: Same as above
73. Tomorrow is: Thursday
72. Today: Wednesday, November 7, 2012
71. Next Summer: I would like to go parasailing, and climb on the ropes course
70. Next Weekend: I don't have any plans yet.
69. I have these pets: 2 Dogs, and 1 Fish
68. The worst sound in the world: Metal on metal.  It's worse than nails on a chalkboard!
67. The person that makes me cry most: I don't know!?!?
66. People that make you happy: My friends and family
65. Last time I cried: Last week
64. My friends are: The best!  I wish I could see you guys more often!
63. My computer is: AWESOME!!!  It's a MacBook.
62. My school: Is in my house, because I'm homeschooled!
61. My car: I don't have one yet!
60. I lose all respect for people who: Litter
59. The movie I cried at was: I don't really cry during movies
58. Your hair color is: Light Brown
57. TV shows you watch: DC Cupcakes, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, anything on the Science Channel, and Star Trek
56. Favorite website: I don't know!  I love to read blogs!
55. Your dream vacation: Europe and Australia
54. The worst pain I was ever in was: When I tore muscles in my hips
53. How do you like your steak cooked: Medium Rare
52. My room is: Very cozy
51. My favorite celebrity is: I don't know!
50. Where would you like to be: Exactly where I am!
49. Do you want children: Yes; at least one girl and one boy.
48. Ever been in love: No
47. Who's your best friend: Already answered this question!
46. More guy friends or girl friends: Girls
45. One thing that makes you feel great is: Many things
44. One person that you wish you could see right now: Sorry, I have to pick 4!  My friends Claire, Maddy, Michelina, and Julianna
43. Do you have a 5 year plan: Sort of, but I'm flexible!
42. Have you made a list of things to do before you die: No
40. Last person I got mad at: My sister
39. I would like to move to: I'm happy exactly where I am
38. I wish I was a professional: STILL WORKING THAT OUT!!!!!!

{My Favorites}

37. Candy: See's Candy and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
36. Vehicle: Prius!
35. President: Ronald Reagan
33. Cellphone provider: IDK, I don't have a phone.
32. Athlete: None
31. Actor: I don't know!
30. Actress: I don't know, again!
29. Singer: That's too hard!
28. Band: Florence + the Machine
27. Clothing store: Abercrombie Kids
26. Grocery Store: Trader Joe's!
25. TV Show: The Voice
24. Movie: I don't know, there are too many!
23. Website: I already answered this!
22. Animal: Dogs and cats
21. Theme Park: Disney Land!
20. Holiday: Christmas
19. Sport to watch: Football
18. Sport to play: I don't know, I love to play lots of sports!
17. Magazine: American Girl or Clubhouse
16. Book: Waaaaaaaay too hard!!!!!!
15. Day of the week: Saturday!
14. Beach: I love to go to the beach, but I don't have a favorite
13. Concert attended: Casting Crowns
12. Thing to cook: Pasta
11. Food: Sushi!!!
10. Restaurant: Any All-You-Can-Eat sushi restaurant with good, fresh fish.
9. Radio Station: Pandora
8. Yankee Candle Scent: Are you kidding me???  I love them ALL!!!
7. Cologne: No opinion
6. Flowers: Red Roses
5. Color: Blue
4. Talk show host: No opinion
3. Comedian: No opinion
2. Dog Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
1. Are you ready for this survey to be over? YES!!!!!

Congratulations if you made it all the way through that!!  I wanted to do it because I have found the ones that I have read to be very interesting, and I hope you found mine interesting, too!

Have a great night!



My Very First Sponsored Giveaway! ***CLOSED***


Guess what????  Emma is sponsoring me with a blog design!  Isn't that exciting?!?!  Please go check out her designs!  Ok, now, onto the giveaway!

So, what is that picture doing up there, you ask?  Well, it is part of my giveaway!  Here are the rules:

~You must be a PUBLIC follower of my blog.

~In your comment, say that you would like to enter, and create a little conversation that the Barbies are having in the pool.  Please feel free to take complete creative license, and have fun!

~For 1 extra entry, you can advertise my giveaway on your blog with the button that I made.  You can find it on the top of my right sidebar.

~For 2 extra entries, you can advertise Emma's Design Blog on your blog.  You can find her button under the 'My Sponsors' page above.

~The last day to enter is Friday, November 16.

~Thanks for entering, and good luck!



Sponsor Me?


After I did my first giveaway, I realized how fun it is!  I've always thought it would be so much fun to be sponsored.  How COOL would that be?????  Although I doubt anybody will sponsor me anytime soon, I have a better chance if I put it out there, right????  So, would you like to sponsor me?  I would be SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are interested, please go to the 'Sponsor Me' page above, and email me at  Thanks so much!

Have a great day!





So, the other day, I figured out how to REALLY work PicMonkey.  It is SO MUCH FUN!!!  Since then, I've been editing photos and making random buttons.  I've always admired Storyteller's designing, and she really inspired me to try designing myself. (Thank you, Storyteller!)  So, I've created a new page showing what I've designed.

Recently, McKenna from McKenna's Purple Sky asked me if I could design a header and button for her blog.  If you want a button, header, or background, let me know, and I will design something for you!  Please go check out my page to see everything I've designed, and check out McKenna's Blog to see the header and button I designed for her!

Have a great day!





I got tagged by Storyteller!  Thanks so much!

The Rules:

~Post 11 things about yourself
~Answer the questions I set for you here
~Nominate 5 people
~No tag backs
~Set 11 questions for the people you award

11 Things About Me:

1. I just figured out how to make awesome buttons on PicMonkey!
2. I love AGs
3. I love blogging!
4. I'm reading 2 different books right now
5. I'm learning Latin for school this year
6. I don't have a cellphone
7. My favorite ice cream is Mint Moose Tracks
8. I love baking!
9. My favorite color is blue
10. I love to craft
11. I can't wait to make apple pie for Thanksgiving!

Storyteller's questions for me:

Laptop or computer?


Kindle or iPad?


Hair in your toothbrush or dental floss stuck on your sock?

{Ewww!  The second one.}

Stepping in lemonade in your socks or sitting in ketchup splattered all over the seat?

{First option}

Car or Airplane?


Walking or Swimming?


Running or Riding a Bike?

{Riding a bike!}

Sunshine or Rain?


MP3 Player or iPod?


Gold by Britt Nicole or Hold Me by Jamie Grace?


Lion King or Lion King 2?


My Questions:

1. Science or Discovery Channel?
2. Dogs or Cats?
3. Blogger or YouTube?
4. Musical or Opera?
5. Gelato or Frozen Yogurt?
6. So You Think You Can Dance or The Voice? (They are TV shows)
7. Singing or Dancing?
8. Do you sing to the radio?
9. Cinnamon or Sugar?
10. Grapes or Raisins?
11. Math or Science?

I'm Awarding:

1. Asmita from AG Girl Forever!
2. Jenny from Artsy Peacock
3. Laura from Princess In MudBoots
4. Hannah from The Writings of Hannah
5. Jess from Rosalyn's Blog

Ok, now onto the Sunshine Award!

I was awarded the sunshine award by Hannah!

The Rules:

~Answer these questions
~No tag backs
~Award 8 other bloggers

Here are my answers to the questions:

1. What is your favorite holiday movie?

Probably 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.'

2. What is your favorite flower?

Red roses.

3. What is your favorite (non-alchoholic) drink?

Milk, water, Hot Chocolate, and Sprite.

4. What is your passion?

Dancing, Hiking, Bike Riding, Baking, Blogging, Reading, Music.

5. What is your favorite time of the year?

Probably around the autumn/winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

6. What is your favorite time of the day?


7. What is your favorite physical activity?

Dancing, Hiking, Bike Riding.  I'm also looking forward to skiing and ice skating this winter.

8. What is your favorite vacation?

I love going to Disneyland and seeing my cousins in San Diego.

I'm Awarding:

1. Claire from Claire's American Girl Dolls
2. Storyteller and Farm Girl from Corn In A Row
3. Sayoko from Simply Sayoko
4. Lily Rose from You're A Doll
5. McKenna from McKenna's Purple Sky
6. Storyteller from Rubberboot Girl
7. Jodie from Heart Strings
8. Emma from The Ramblings of Emma


Have a great day!





How was your Halloween?  I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too!  We got to carve pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds, dress up, and trick-or-treat!  I carved 3 1/2 pumpkins.  One for me, one for our friend's shop (he wanted us to help decorate by carving pumpkins!), half of Lindsay's for our friend's shop, and Lindsay's 'personal pumpkin.'  I LOVE carving pumpkins, and I have been declared the family pumpkin carving expert!

McKenna from McKenna's Purple Sky came up with this really fun quiz about your Halloween.  So, I thought it would be fun to take it!  Here we go!

Halloween Questions from McKenna:

-Did you get a lot of candy?


-What was your costume for Halloween?

Pajama Girl.  I wore fleece Hello Kitty PJs, rollers in my hair, a little sleeping mask, and some fun and funky slippers!

-Who did you trick-or-treat with?

My sister, mom, dad, and grandma.

-Did you carve a pumpkin?


Do you like to eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes!  This year, we made a 'savory' batch and a 'sweet' batch.

Did you decorate your house?

Yes.  We did more of a harvest theme.

What is your favorite kind of candy?

CHOCOLATE!!!  My all time favorite are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Did you get your favorite candy for Halloween?

Yes!  I got 8 Reese's!

Did anything scary happen to you?  If so, what happened?

Not really...

Thanks, McKenna!  That was so much fun!  Here are some Halloween pictures:

Me focusing hard on carving a pumpkin!

One of the pumpkins I carved.

Me in my costume!

Lindsay in hers.  She was the black AND white swan!

[From Left to Right] Lindsay's Minnie Mouse pumpkin, my dad's 'Scarface' pumpkin, and my haunted house pumpkin.

Lindsay and I trading candy after trick-or-treating.  We like to trade every year.  If there's something I like of Lindsay's, then I try to make her a deal with my candy to get it; vice versa.  We have a lot of fun with that!

I would love to hear about your Halloween!  Have a great night!


P.S. Thank you for the awards, Storyteller and Hannah!  Post coming tomorrow!
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