Today we will be featuring Talia from AGcessories for my 75 follower goal/blogoversary giveaway!  Talia is giving away adorable American Girl Doll Juice Boxes!  First, a little bit about Talia:

Dolls have always been a big part of my life.  As a child, I collected barbies and that continued into my teens. That was before I knew of American Girl.  I have also been a crafter since my teen years.  Now that I have a daughter who loves American Girl, I have found a way to combine dolls and crafting.  I loved making accessories for her dolls so much that I wanted to open a shop to make them for other girls (and grown ups ;)) to enjoy. Each doll item I make is crafted with lots of love and care, and I try to make sure every item is unique and fun.  My daughter's AG dolls gives me an excuse to play them with her. She is almost 9, and I have a 4 year old boy who occassionally takes one of his sisters' doll food items and feeds it to his action figure. When I am not spending time with my kids or making doll things, I enjoy reading, organizing, and I love google. I google everything! Thank you so much for taking time to read a little about me and my shop!

Thanks, Talia!  Talia's shop is fantastic, and she is super great to work with!  Her items are SO adorable!!!  See more of her items below:

American Girl Food Lunch Uncrustable Sandwich

American Girl Food Strawberry Shortcake Roll

American Girl Food Pancake Breakfast

American Girl Food Waffle Breakfast

American Girl Food S'mores

American Girl Food Milk Carton

American Girl Laptop School Supplies Folder Pencil Notepad Set

American Girl Lemonade Stand

American Girl Jewelry Earring Tree

Aren't all of these items super cute???  They're all perfectly sized, and very detailed and realistic!  Make sure to check out all of her items in her shop, AGcessories

Here's how to earn some extra entries:

1. Comment and tell me which item is your favorite. (+1)

2. Buy something from Talia (+10)

3. Feature Talia on your blog. (+5)

All of these entries count towards prize #2.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to keep checking back for new posts to earn extra points!

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  1. I like the American Girl Laptop School Supplies Folder Pencil Notepad Set! :)

  2. I love the pancakes with the berries, so cute and realistic!



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