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Today we will be featuring Cheryl from Only NatCHeryl Body Cremes for my 75 follower goal/blogoversary giveaway!  Cheryl is generously giving away Organic Sweet Orange Lip Balm.  First, a little bit about Cheryl:

I started making lotion 10 years ago for my family and friends. After receiving many requests for more lotion, my friends kept telling me that I should start selling my stuff... so I finally listened. I make locally handmade organic lotions, lip and skin balms, bath salts, sugar scrubs and a natural deodorant that REALLY works!
I hope you love my Lip Balm!

Thanks, Cheryl!  Cheryl is lovely to work with, and her shop is amazing!  She has bunches of lovely body care products, and they're all organic!  See some more of her items below:

Organic Body Lotion with  Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange or Peppermint Essential Oils 8 oz.

Organic Rosemary Deodorant  with Essential Oil 2 oz.

Organic Lip Balms

Organic Mint Mojito Lip Balm

Sweet Orange Bath Salts with Essential Oils 8 oz.

Seriously Dry Skin Balm made with Organic Oils, 2 oz.

Don't these look wonderful?  Her packaging is perfect too! :)  Make sure to check out all of her lovely items at her shop Only NatCHeryl Body Cremes!

Here's how to get extra entries:

1. Comment and tell me which item is your favorite. (+1)

2. Buy something from Cheryl. (+10)

3. Feature Cheryl on your blog. (+5)

All of these entries count towards prize #1.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to keep checking back for new posts to earn extra points!

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  1. I LOVE the lip balms i can't live without them!!They are organic?! Even better!!:) Check my blog out for the feature!

  2. My favorite item is the 3rd one. I use lip balms all the time!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls :)

  3. I like the organic lip balms!



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