Guest Post by Kayla from Laugh 'an Love and Through the Eyes of a Doll


Kayla from Laugh 'an Love and Through the Eyes of a Doll sent in a guest post!  Check it out below!


I am super excited to do this Guest Post!

Rant.  Doll Hairstyle

Raise your hand if you ever get writer's block.

*raises hand*

I get writer's block a lot.   Like right now!
I do some weird stuff to help me get inspiration.


1. Blow up a balloon and bounce it around the room.  Making sure it doesn't hit the ground.
2. Listen to music.
3. Read other peoples' posts.
4. Read my past posts.
5. Take a walk.
6. Talk to myself.
7. Draw.
8. Read.
9. Sleep.
10. Eat.
11. Randomly write until inspiration hits me.

Okay so I lied.. That was 11 things.
[Wait.. Is that inspiration I hear calling?  Yes!  Yes it is!]

Cute Twist Hairstyle For Your Doll

Have you ever been stumped on how to do your doll's hair?
Well.. No more!  Here is a super cute twist hairstyle to do on your doll!
(Like my introduction?  Haha!)

The flip and twist!

Now there are many ways to do this one!
Here is one of my ways.

Part your doll's hair.
Take a little piece from the start of the hair on either side of the head.
And separate it from the rest of the hair.
Take the rest of the hair and pull it together near the bottom of the head.  Like you're making a low ponytail.
Instead of putting a band in it.
Twist it and bring it up.
Then take a clip and secure the hair.

Voila!  You are done!

Hope you enjoyed!

Inline image 1


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Have a great day!
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